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    This page contains bill sponsorships in the Senate and House. Bill sponsorships indicate the topics that legislators are most interested in, and spend the most time on.

13-HR0148 on Jan 3, 2013

Bill Sponsorship: DISCLOSE 2013 Act
Source: H.R.148
Disclosure of Information on Spending on Campaigns Leads to Open and Secure Elections Act of 2013 or DISCLOSE 2013 Act:
  • Amends the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to redefine the term "independent expenditure" as an expenditure that expressly advocates the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate, or is the functional equivalent of express advocacy because it can be interpreted only as advocating the election or defeat of a candidate, taking into account whether the communication involved mentions a candidacy, a political party, or a challenger to a candidate, or takes a position on a candidates, qualifications, or fitness for office.
  • Expands the period during which certain communications are treated as electioneering communications.
  • Prescribes disclosure requirements for corporations, labor organizations, and campaign-related disbursements.
  • Requires any communication transmitted through radio or television to include an individual or organizational disclosure statement, together with:
    1. the Top Two Funders List of the persons providing the largest and second largest aggregate payments of $10,000 or more for a radio communication, and
    2. the Top Five Funders List of the five persons providing the largest aggregate payments of $10,000 or more for a television communication.
  • Repeals the prohibition against political contributions by individuals age 17 or younger.
  • Requires a covered organization which submits regular, periodic reports to its shareholders, members, or donors on its finances or activities to include in each report, in a clear and conspicuous manner, the information included in the statements it has filed about campaign-related disbursements the organization has made during the period covered by the report.
  • Requires semiannual reports on election campaign contributions by registered lobbyists for any independent expenditure of $1,000 or more, including electioneering communication.

    Participating counts on VoteMatch question 16. Question 16: Make voter registration easier Scores: -2=Strongly oppose; -1=Oppose; 0=neutral; 1=Support; 2=Strongly support.
  • Topic: Government Reform
  • Headline: Full disclosure of campaign spending (Score: 2)
  • Headline 2: Sponsored full disclosure of campaign spending (Score: 2)

  • Key for participation codes:
  • Sponsorships: p=sponsored; o=co-sponsored; s=signed
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  • Resolutions: i=introduced; w=wrote; a=adopted
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  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 13-HR0148

Rob Andrews s1oNew Jersey Democrat (resigned 2014)Jan 3, 2013
Ron Barber s1oArizona DemocratSep 10, 2013
Xavier Becerra s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 3, 2013
Timothy Bishop s1oNew York DemocratDec 12, 2013
Suzanne Bonamici s1oOregon DemocratApr 9, 2013
Robert Brady s1oPennsylvania DemocratJan 3, 2013
Bruce Braley s1oIA Democratic ChallengerNov 14, 2013
Julia Brownley s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 14, 2013
Cheri Bustos s1oIllinois DemocratMay 20, 2013
Michael Capuano s1oMA Former Democratic Primary Senate Challenger (2009)Apr 9, 2013
John Carney s1oDE Democratic candidate for GovernorFeb 15, 2013
David Cicilline s1oRhode Island DemocratJan 4, 2013
Katherine Clark s1oMassachusetts DemocratFeb 10, 2014
James Clyburn s1oSouth Carolina DemocratJan 3, 2013
Steve Cohen s1oTennessee DemocratMay 6, 2014
Joseph Crowley s1oNew York DemocratJan 3, 2013
Henry Cuellar s1oTexas DemocratJan 3, 2013
Diana DeGette s1oColorado DemocratMar 4, 2013
Rosa DeLauro s1oConnecticut DemocratJan 3, 2013
Suzan DelBene s1oWashington DemocratApr 18, 2013
Donna Edwards s1oMaryland Democrat (retiring 2016)Jan 23, 2013
Keith Ellison s1oMinnesota DemocratMay 6, 2013
Anna Eshoo s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 15, 2013
Elizabeth Esty s1oConnecticut DemocratMar 4, 2013
Sam Farr s1oCalifornia DemocratFeb 14, 2013
John Garamendi s1oCalifornia DemocratApr 4, 2014
Alcee Hastings s1oFlorida DemocratJan 4, 2013
Denny Heck s1oWashington DemocratFeb 25, 2014
Brian Higgins s1oNew York DemocratJan 23, 2013
Jim Himes s1oConnecticut DemocratJan 4, 2013
Rush Holt s1oNew Jersey Democrat (retiring 2014)Feb 15, 2013
Steven Horsford s1oNevada DemocratMay 22, 2013
Jared Huffman s1oCalifornia DemocratApr 9, 2013
Steve Israel s1oNew York DemocratJan 3, 2013
Hakeem Jeffries s1oNew York DemocratFeb 14, 2013
Derek Kilmer s1oWashington DemocratJun 18, 2013
James Langevin s1oRhode Island DemocratFeb 4, 2013
Rick Larsen s1oWashington DemocratMar 4, 2013
John Larson s1oConnecticut DemocratJan 3, 2013
Sander Levin s1oMichigan DemocratJul 18, 2013
David Loebsack s1oIowa DemocratJan 4, 2013
Zoe Lofgren s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 3, 2013
Doris Matsui s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 4, 2013
Jim McDermott s1oWashington DemocratJul 25, 2014
Jim McGovern s1oMassachusetts DemocratJan 14, 2013
George Miller s1oCalifornia Democrat (retiring 2014)Feb 25, 2013
Gwen Moore s1oWisconsin DemocratJun 18, 2013
James Moran s1oVirginia Democrat (retiring 2014)Sep 25, 2013
Patrick Murphy s1oFL Democratic Senate candidateApr 26, 2013
Rick Nolan s1oMinnesota DemocratJan 4, 2013
Frank Pallone s1oNew Jersey DemocratJan 3, 2013
Ed Perlmutter s1oColorado DemocratJan 23, 2013
Chellie Pingree s1oMaine DemocratJan 15, 2013
Mark Pocan s1oWisconsin DemocratJul 18, 2013
Jared Polis s1oColorado DemocratJan 23, 2013
Mike Quigley s1oIllinois DemocratJul 17, 2014
Raul Ruiz s1oCalifornia DemocratMar 12, 2013
Tim Ryan s1oOhio DemocratFeb 26, 2013
Linda Sanchez s1oCalifornia DemocratJun 5, 2013
John Sarbanes s1oMaryland DemocratMar 6, 2014
Adam Schiff s1oCalifornia DemocratFeb 4, 2013
Carol Shea-Porter s1oNew Hampshire DemocratAug 2, 2013
Jackie Speier s1oCalifornia DemocratSep 16, 2013
Eric Swalwell s1oCalifornia DemocratMar 4, 2013
Mike Thompson s1oCalifornia DemocratApr 9, 2013
John Tierney s1oMassachusetts DemocratApr 1, 2014
Niki Tsongas s1oMassachusetts DemocratJan 23, 2013
Chris Van Hollen s2pMaryland Democrat (retiring 2016)Jan 3, 2013
Peter Visclosky s1oIndiana DemocratJun 18, 2013
Henry Waxman s1oCalifornia Democrat (retiring 2014)Apr 28, 2014
Peter Welch s1oVermont DemocratSep 9, 2013
John Yarmuth s1oKentucky DemocratJan 4, 2013

Republicans participating in 13-HR0148

Walter Beaman Jones s1oNorth Carolina RepublicanMar 21, 2013

Independents participating in 13-HR0148

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 72
Republicans: 1
Independents: 0

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