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Terrorist regimes make jihad against America no matter what

The West needs to come to grips with a basic understanding of motives of terrorist regimes. Threats to a state have been used throughout history to consolidate government power, especially among dictators. Perhaps the most famous of all was Hitler. He consolidated his power, in part, by convincing Germans that the Jews were an existential threat. Osama Bin Laden, the Mullahs of Iran, and the leaders of al Qaeda and ISIS are no different. They want power. To get that power, they have to take away the freedom of others.

They do that, in part, by threatening eternal damnation unless they comply with their cultural edicts. The United States and its culture are their bogeyman. From the beginning, they have railed against American culture.

It wouldn't matter how reasonable we are, how much the United States appeased them or withdrew from the international stage. The facts no more matter to those radical extremists than the facts mattered to Hitler. They will carry on their jihad regardless

Source: 2016 Senate campaign website, DelBeccaroForSenate.com , Oct 9, 2015

Nuke deal solidifies Iran conventional military gains

Most of the attention related to the deal with Iran has focused on the nuclear restrictions. That focus, however, ignores an important aspect of the deal for Iran. The Obama-Iran deal allows Iran to solidify its conventional military gains in the Middle East--a victory for which they are willing to delay their nuclear ambitions.

A decade ago, while the borders of the Middle East were relatively secure, Iran's ambition to be the dominant power in the Middle East was perhaps best served by obtaining a nuclear weapon. Today, Iran has troops in Iraq, its long-time foe. It has sent troops and aid to support rebels in Yemen allied with Iran.

That's why the deal is great for Iran--and a bad deal for everyone else. An ascendant Iran on the ground in the Middle East threatens all of its neighbors in ways well beyond the threat of a nuclear weapon. Each country will now have to enter a conventional arms race in addition to considering acquiring nuclear weapons.

Source: Washington Times column for 2016 California Senate race , Aug 4, 2015

Mideast was more stable with U.S. troops in Iraq

A decade ago, the Middle East was far more stable than it is today. The United States had a major presence in the region. As a result, the borders of the countries of the Middle East were quite stable.

Today, there is quite a different story. Iraq is a war zone with fungible borders. The same can be said of Yemen and Syria. All three countries may still appear on the map, but full control within their historic borders does not belong to their governments. Of course, we cannot forget that the Islamic State, or ISIS, has militarily created its own state within the region at the expense of some of those other states--and the ISIS state borders also are ill-defined and changing.

Source: Washington Times column for 2016 California Senate race , Aug 4, 2015

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