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Brian Macdonald on War & Peace

Republican Senate Challenger

UN should carry a big stick, but US needs one until then

This phrase was coined by Teddy Roosevelt in the early 1900s. Since the inception of the United Nations, it has walked softly and perhaps carried a big stick. However, it has rarely used that big stick. Under its current setup, I believe that the UN does not have a big enough stick to do what needs to be done. We must encourage our allies to help us with the job, but unless and until the UN can enforce its Declarations throughout the entire world, the U.S. and our allies must do the job.
Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" Feb 6, 2006

Supports pre-emptive policy of the Bush Doctrine

I believe that by using the pre-emptive policy of the Bush Doctrine, the United States is (to paraphrase President Kennedy) matching its military strength with our moral restraint, its wealth with our wisdom, and its power with our purpose. Our purpose is not to conquer the world; it is to bring democracy to those parts of the world suffering under non-democratic regimes.
Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" Feb 6, 2006

Opposes UN approval for military action

Macdonald opposes the VoteMatch statement, "Seek UN approval for military action".
Source: Email interview with Feb 1, 2006

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