Barbara Radnofsky on Immigration


Current effort targeting illegal immigration is ineffective

Q: What measures do you support for border protection and immigration enforcement? A: Immigration requires a comprehensive solution. We need trained presence at the border, with the federal government bearing the cost, not Texas taxpayers. Current efforts targeting illegal immigration are ineffective and instead harm essential legal trade.
Source: Questionnaire from League of Women Voters of Austin Aug 15, 2006

More border patrols, but not by vigilantes

Source: Campaign website, www.radnofsky.com, "Issue chart" Apr 23, 2006

Encourage legal trade with Mexico as part of border strategy

Source: Campaign website, www.radnofsky.com, "Issues" Jan 16, 2006

Opposes vigilante volunteers patrolling borders

The Hutchison immigration bill is a grandstanding effort. Local law enforcement and volunteers should not be asked to do the federal government's job. We must solve this problem at our borders and with a national security policy. Asking local law enforcement or groups of "volunteers," which is a nice word for vigilantes, to hunt down and imprison alleged illegal immigrants, does nothing to stem the flow of people into this country.

The bill's sloppy wording alone will generate controversy. It empowers anyone by the nonsensical, yet broad language describing volunteers as "licensed by a state authority to enforce State or local penal offenses."

It's only a matter of time before someone is killed, and then Ms. Hutchison will wonder how things got out of hand with vigilante proposals. Until we gain control of our borders, we cannot begin to face the tragedy of ten million who are already here. Ms. Hutchison's grandstanding proposal fails to protect our borders or our national security.

Source: Press release, "Immigration Proposal and Vigilantes" Oct 8, 2005

Tie immigration to discussion on security

Q: There's been a lot of press coverage about a "militia" calling themselves "Minute Men" that says that since the government isn't protecting our borders that they should. A: Immigration is tied to security, and a discussion of immigration should be tied to a security discussion. The solution is certainly not marauding bands of extremists. It's only a matter of time before they kill someone. I'm opposed to them trying to take the law into their own hands.
Source: Interview by Damon McCullar of Burnt Orange Report Aug 7, 2005

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