Charlie Baker on Tax Reform



Tax cuts for families, low income workers, renters, seniors

Our budget doubles the tax break for children and dependents, because every Massachusetts family deserves a break. We'll also ask lawmakers to eliminate income taxes for the lowest paid 230,000 taxpayers here in the Commonwealth. It's time to give renters a bigger tax break on their monthly payments. It's also been a tough two years for seniors. We'll ask the legislature to give them a break on their property taxes and make our estate tax more competitive with the rest of the country.
Source: 2022 State of the State Address to Massachusetts legislature , Jan 25, 2022

2010: 5-5-5 plan to cut sales, income, and business taxes

Baker made a "5-5-5 plan" to reduce MA income, corporate & sales taxes to 5.0% rate a centerpiece of his 2010 campaign. Baker repeatedly pledged to cut taxes and to ease red tape for small businesses, which he said is ruining their potential for growth. He calls himself "a five, five and five guy." He wants the sales tax, income tax and businesses taxes reduced to 5 percent. (Gloucester Times, 9/27/2010)

Baker took the Norquist pledge (signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, as did his running mate for Lt. Governor Richard Tisei) and even declared "Read my lips: No new taxes".

In the 2014 race, Baker is promising he will never cut Local Aid as Governor. He has explicitly dropped the 5-5-5 plan and says he won't be taking the no-new-taxes pledge this time around (though he still is against any tax hikes). Baker voted in favor of tax hikes the only time he has ever held elective office (as a Selectman).

Source: Mass IEPAC: Research Profile on Charlie Baker, p. 22 , Sep 1, 2014

Reform before revenue: no status quo but no tax increase

[In contrast to 2010, when he signed the no-new-taxes pledge, Baker in 2014] says he: