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the choice 2000FRONTLINE
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Analysis of CandidateMatch Question 20:
Would do the right thing, even if unpopular? 
Viewers who... CountPercent 
Chose Gore 144323%
Chose Bush 273443%
Chose Nader 180528%
Chose Buchanan 4237%
Are Undecided 00%

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Breakdown by CandidateMatchCountPercent 
(Which candidate came out first overall on CandidateMatch, broken down by the viewer's selection on Question 20)
Of those who chose Gore on question 20...
Chose Gore, and Gore first on CM 133192%
Chose Gore, but Bush first on CM 987%
Chose Gore, but Nader first on CM 111%
Chose Gore, but Buchanan first on CM 30%
Of those who chose Bush on question 20...
Chose Bush, but Gore first on CM 32712%
Chose Bush, and Bush first on CM 238187%
Chose Bush, but Nader first on CM 171%
Chose Bush, but Buchanan first on CM 90%
Of those who chose Nader on question 20...
Chose Nader, but Gore first on CM 82246%
Chose Nader, but Bush first on CM 22312%
Chose Nader, and Nader first on CM 74741%