Republican Party on Energy & Oil

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Open ANWR and OCS for oil & gas development

All estimates of America's oil and natural gas reserves indicate an incredible bounty for the use of many generations to come. We should be pursuing our oil and gas resources both on and offshore. It is nonsensical to spurn real job creation by putting almost all of our coastal waters off limits to energy exploration, while urging other nations to explore their coasts. We call for a reasoned approach to all offshore energy development, and support the right of States to a reasonable share of the resulting revenue and royalties. We support opening the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) for energy development and ending the current Administration's moratorium on permitting; opening the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for exploration and production of oil and natural gas; and allowing for more oil and natural gas exploration on federal land. We support this development in accordance with applicable environmental, health and safety laws, and regulations.
Source: 2012 Republican Party Platform , Aug 27, 2012

No Kyoto, no mandatory carbon emissions controls

Republicans are committed to meeting the challenge of long-term global climate change by relying on markets and new technologies to improve energy efficiency. These efforts will help reduce emissions over time while allowing the economy to grow. Our President and our Party strongly oppose the Kyoto Protocol and similar mandatory carbon emissions controls that harm economic growth and destroy American jobs.
Source: 2004 Republican Party Platform, p. 71 , Sep 1, 2004

Provide tax incentives for energy production

Source: Republican Platform adopted at GOP National Convention , Aug 12, 2000

Treat energy as source of prosperity, not pollution source.

Party signed treating energy as source of prosperity, not pollution source

Affordable, reliable energy makes our lives--and our economy--better. It keeps our bills low, keeps jobs here at home, and keeps us secure in a dangerous world. Washington sees it differently: Our regulators act as if energy is primarily a source of pollution, not jobs or prosperity. They try to keep our resources in the ground, needlessly delaying projects for years and letting our energy infrastructure grow old. Most of our gas transmission and gathering pipelines predate 1970.It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing. There is a better way. We can and should strike a balance between economic growth and environmental stewardship. Efforts to reduce pollution should achieve real benefits for the environment and be compatible with real benefits for our economy.

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