Reform Party on Civil Rights

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No official stance on gay marriage

The Reform Party takes NO STANCE as an organization on issues such as gay marriage. The Reform Party as a national organization believes that social issues or values issues (which include issues such as gay marriage) should not be our focus as a party. Instead our focus should be on issues such as the economy, government fiscal accountability, trade, national security, and jobs. The Reform Party does not, and will not, have stances on Social or Values Issues in our National Platform.
Source: Reform Party USA website, reformparty.org , Jan 1, 2012

Governments, by their nature, limit freedoms

We recognize that the Constitution was primarily written with a basic premise in mind: governments, by their nature, limit freedoms. In the best of circumstances, they ensure one person's activities do not infringe on another's freedom. In the worst of circumstances they limit freedoms to serve the interests of the ruling class, whoever that may be. The Constitution acts as a brake on the consolidation of power in the hands of the government and to protect those freedoms that we are born with.
Source: Reform Party USA website, reformparty.org , Jan 1, 2012

Opposes requiring companies to hire more women & minorities

Q: Does the Reform Party support or oppose requiring companies to hire more women & minorities?

A: Oppose

Source: Email interview with Jordan Struck, national administrator , May 18, 2006

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