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Medicare: More options, less bureaucracy

It is absolutely essential that we rescue Medicare & Medicaid. We need to strengthen Medicare by taking money & power & control out of the hands of the government bureaucrats and putting it into the hands of beneficiaries, where it belongs. Seniors should have access to a wide variety of health care options. We must not leave our parents and grandparents trapped in a system of socialized medicine while the rest of us work to improve our health care, expand our choices, and increase our freedom.
Source: “A New Birth of Freedom,” p. 94-5 Nov 9, 1999

More funds for veterans’ hospitals

Forbes supports increasing funding for veterans’ health care to $19.6 billion. This will allow the VA to expand access to outpatient care, expand care for aging veterans, and improve emergency care; and help expedite claims processing. As President, Steve Forbes will insure that sick and disabled veterans have the best health care possible. He will improve long-term care and make sure veterans have the freedom to choose doctors they trust and specialists they need.
Source: (X-ref Defense) Press Release on Veterans Health Sep 6, 1999

Catastrophic insurance plus Medical Savings Accounts

Forbes [supports] affordable catastrophic health insurance to cover major medical expenses, and tax-free Medical Savings Accounts to cover routine health care expenses. That would give more Americans the freedom to choose doctors they trust, specialists they need and second-opinions they want.
Source: “Personal Security” May 21, 1999

Medicare reform: Power to consumers, not bureaucracy

On Medicare: Return power to individuals and consumers. Under medical savings accounts, you’d get $1,500 to $2,000 a year that you could spend on your routine expenses. If Medicare doesn’t approve a prescription, no problem. If your physician says it’s OK, you can have it. Get it out of the hands of the bureaucracy. Have full catastrophic coverage above a certain level. No more gaps in Medicare which are huge. That’s why 75% of people on Medicare have to buy Medigap insurance.
Source: Speech at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government Nov 27, 1995

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