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GREEN LA: reach Kyoto targets and use renewables

In 2007, the City adopted GREEN LA: An Action Plan to Lead the Nation in Fighting Global Warming and we have already hit a major milestone by meeting the Kyoto targets for reducing greenhouse gases, four years ahead of schedule. GREEN LA goes further by setting the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 35% below 1990 levels by 2030; increasing the City's use of renewable energy to 40% by 2020 and over 50 more initiatives that will reduce the City's carbon footprint.
Source: City of Los Angeles Mayoral website, "Environment" , Dec 12, 2011

More energy efficiency to spur green economy in LA

The LA Commercial Building Performance Partnership will help owners of commercial properties make their buildings more energy and water efficient. Building owners can access free energy assessments, as well as competitive financing rates to cover up to 100% of the cost of their energy upgrades. With commercial buildings accounting for 57% of energy consumption, LA has a large built-in market for retrofits. LA is leading the way in promoting environmental stewardship that also benefits our local economy
Source: 2011 L.A. Mayoral press release #015724 , Oct 14, 2011

Solar power good for environment AND businesses

The Walter J Towers project represents how investing in solar is good for the environment, and good for a business' bottom line. We are providing incentives for more innovative and forward-thinking companies to invest in LA's most abundant natural resource and in the process build a local 21st century green workforce.

This announcement is another step in Los Angeles' efforts to become an environmentally-friendly, green city.

Source: 2011 L.A. Mayoral press release #015449 , Aug 26, 2011

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