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Crippled America,
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The Making of Donald Trump,
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The Truths We Hold,
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Smart on Crime,
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Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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State of Tennessee Politicians: Archives

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  • ACLU (1)
  • Al Gore (1) Democrat
  • Bill Frist (1) Republican
  • Bill Hagerty (30) Republican Senate challenger Tennessee
  • Bill Haslam (30) Tennessee Republican Governor
  • Bill Lee (59) Tennessee Republican candidate for governor of Tennessee
  • Bob Corker (6) Republican Jr Senator Tennessee
  • Bob Tuke (6) Democratic challenger (2008) Tennessee
  • David Kustoff (12) Republican U.S. Rep Tennessee- 8
  • Diane Black (12) Tennessee Republican candidate for Tennessee Governor
  • Don Sundquist (6) Former Republican Governor (1995-2002)
  • Gordon Ball (21) Democratic Challenger Tennessee
  • Howard Phillips (1)
  • James Mackler (19) Democratic candidate for Tennessee Senator Tennessee
  • Joe Carr (12) Republican Challenger Tennessee
  • Karl Dean (28) Tennessee Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Lamar Alexander (8) Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2020) Tennessee
  • Larry Crim (12) Republican candidate for Tennessee U.S. Senator Tennessee
  • Manny Sethi (17) Republican 2020 Senate Challenger Tennessee
  • Mark E. Green (1) Republican U.S. Rep Tennessee- 7
  • Mark Green (3) Tennessee Republican candidate for Governor
  • Marquita Bradshaw (16) Democratic Senate Nominee Tennessee
  • Marsha Blackburn (19) Republican Challenger for TN Senator Tennessee
  • Phil Bredesen (30) Tennessee Former Democrat Governor (2002-2010)
  • Scott DesJarlais (1) Republican U.S. Rep Tennessee-4
  • Steve Cohen (1) Democrat U.S. Rep Tennessee-9
  • Terry Adams (4) Democratic Challenger Tennessee
  • Tim Burchett (4) Republican U.S. Rep Tennessee- 2
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    Bill Lee: Seeing premature granddaughter strengthened my resolve.
    Manny Sethi: A strong supporter of the Heartbeat Bill.
    Bill Hagerty: Vehemently opposes taxpayer funds for abortion.
    Bill Hagerty: Possible exceptions for rape/incest, "challenging" situation.
    Manny Sethi: Opposed to exceptions for rape and incest.
    James Mackler: Woman's medical decisions should be between her & her doctor.
    Tim Burchett: 100% rating from Tennessee Right to Life.
    Bill Lee: Ban abortion, even for rape and incest.
    Karl Dean: Politicians shouldn't insert themselves in abortion decision.
    Marsha Blackburn: Ban abortion; ban public funds for Planned Parenthood.
    Phil Bredesen: Keep abortion legal, but not high priority.
    Bill Lee: Against abortion: life begins at conception.
    Diane Black: Opposes funding of Planned Parenthood.
    David Kustoff: No exceptions for any circumstances.
    David Kustoff: Life begins at conception.
    Terry Adams: Pro-choice.
    Gordon Ball: Opposes Amendment 1 banning abortion for rape & incest.
Budget & Economy
    Bill Lee: Addressing maintenance the fiscally responsible thing to do.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Raise minimum wage to $15/hr; end "Right to Work".
    Manny Sethi: Will fight out of control federal spending.
    Bill Lee: Investment & incentives to support rural counties.
    Bill Hagerty: Work to get government out of the way of business.
    Bill Hagerty: Won't raise taxes; committed to cutting spending.
    Bill Hagerty: Democrats plan to undo Trump's economic success.
    Bill Lee: Better to save for emergencies than spend now.
    Marsha Blackburn: Across-the-board federal spending cuts.
    Bill Lee: Made hard decisions needed on company budget; it worked.
    Bob Corker: Adding $2T to deficit was fiscally irresponsible.
    James Mackler: Investment in infrastructure means jobs.
    Diane Black: Get government off the backs of job creators.
    Karl Dean: Economic development statewide instead of just Nashville.
    David Kustoff: Oppose tax-and-spend policies, as well as over-regulation.
    Gordon Ball: Balanced budget amendment to restore fiscal discipline.
    Bill Haslam: Balance budget without education cuts & tax decrease.
    Phil Bredesen: Adjust our expenses to match our income, like family budget.
Civil Rights
    Marquita Bradshaw: Against overturning rights, especially of LGBTQ+.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Calling for unity without addressing racism is a band-aid.
    ACLU: Fight to defend Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling.
    Mark E. Green: Overturn Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling.
    Marsha Blackburn: Let people of faith withhold services to gay couples.
    Phil Bredesen: Disallow withholding services to same-sex couples.
    James Mackler: Fight for LGBT rights.
    Bill Haslam: Remove Confederate statues from state capitol.
    Diane Black: Confederate statues are part of history.
    David Kustoff: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Karl Dean: First in Tennessee to join Mayors for the Freedom to Marry.
    Gordon Ball: Pro-gay rights.
    Terry Adams: Pro-gay rights.
    Lamar Alexander: Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act: heal ugly scars of the past.
    Bill Hagerty: Stop the socialist agenda; cut corporate tax rate.
    James Mackler: Trump's tax cuts make it easier for jobs to move overseas.
    Bill Lee: Reduce the tax & regulatory burden for everyone.
    Phil Bredesen: Pay for corporate tax cuts by closing loopholes.
    Bill Lee: Get government out of the way; give jobs chance to flourish.
    Phil Bredesen: As mayor, enticed the NFL's Oilers to relocate to Nashville.
    Karl Dean: Used tax incentives to lure companies to Nashville.
    Mark Green: Reapportion corporate excise tax to favor businesses in TN.
    Bill Haslam: Revenue Modernization Act: level playing field for business.
    Terry Adams: Democracy is hijacked by corporations & special interests.
    Phil Bredesen: Plan for robotic factories of the future.
    Bill Lee: Improved enforcement training for police cadets.
    Marquita Bradshaw: We need restorative justice & overhaul of justice system.
    Bill Hagerty: Uphold the rule of law; stop ANTIFA.
    Bill Hagerty: Supports death penalty for human trafficking.
    Bill Hagerty: Use Insurrection Act against domestic terrorism.
    Bill Lee: Increase penalties for firearm theft & reckless endangerment.
    Bill Lee: Improve supervision; encourage hiring of former prisoners.
    Bill Lee: Electronic monitoring for low-risk offenders.
    Bill Lee: Volunteer to mentor degree-seeking inmates.
    James Mackler: Prosecutor JAG in military, and in criminal law afterwards.
    Bill Lee: Sentences should be upheld and violent offenders prioritized.
    Bill Lee: Men of Valor: re-entry program for former offenders.
    David Kustoff: Fight violent crime; advocated for death penalty.
    Gordon Ball: Where do the little people go for justice?
    Diane Black: Haley's Law: new criminal offenses on child abuse.
    Phil Bredesen: Haley's Law: new criminal offenses on child abuse.
    Steve Cohen: Haley's Law: new criminal offenses on child abuse.
    Tim Burchett: Haley's Law: new criminal offenses on child abuse.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Support the full legalization of recreational marijuana.
    Manny Sethi: Wants to promote faith-based recovery programs for addicts.
    Marsha Blackburn: Stiffer penalties for deceptively trafficking in fentanyl.
    Manny Sethi: Let local officials have more authority on opioid crisis.
    Bill Lee: Fight Medicaid fraudulent distribution of opioid medications.
    Bill Lee: Drug traffickers should fear Tennessee.
    Bill Lee: Opposes recreational marijuana; wait on medical marijuana.
    Karl Dean: No recreational marijuana; decriminalize light medical use.
    Marsha Blackburn: Don't loosen federal regulations marijuana.
    Phil Bredesen: Let states decide on marijuana legalization.
    Bill Lee: Raise penalties on drug traffickers, aid non-violent addicts.
    Phil Bredesen: Get tough on opioid prescriptions from pain clinics.
    Karl Dean: Provide treatment for opioids while stepping up prosecution.
    James Mackler: Legalize medical marijuana for PTSD and chronic pain.
    Karl Dean: Medical marijuana ok, but opposes recreational use.
    Bill Haslam: Get tough on meth crimes.
    Lamar Alexander: Combat Meth Act: fund law enforcement crack down.
    Bill Lee: Expanding civics education with Civics Seal Initiative.
    Lamar Alexander: COVID: direct some relief funding to school choice programs.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Relieve current student debt, provide quality childcare.
    Bill Lee: 4% salary boost for teachers; make $40,000 minimum salary.
    Bill Lee: Focus on new initiatives in teacher training.
    Bill Hagerty: Shift education spending to block grants to states.
    Manny Sethi: Not government's role to wipe away college debt.
    Bill Lee: Fund school choice; competition via charters and ESAs.
    Bill Lee: Schools must focus on acquiring job skills.
    Bill Lee: Teach civics, with unapologetic American exceptionalism.
    Bill Lee: Supports charter schools & vouchers.
    Karl Dean: Opposes vouchers & for-profit charter schools.
    Marsha Blackburn: Supports vouchers for private schools.
    Marsha Blackburn: Don't lower student loan interest.
    Phil Bredesen: Supports charter schools but "not wild about vouchers.
    Phil Bredesen: Free community college tuition; lower student loan interest.
    Bill Lee: Education, including vocational, is key to a bright future.
    Karl Dean: Expand access to vocational training programs.
    Karl Dean: Increase teacher pay; more resources for schools.
    Karl Dean: Supports charters; opposes vouchers.
    Larry Crim: Children should have quality education minus crushing debt.
    Larry Crim: Children should have quality education minus crushing debt.
    Bill Haslam: Boost public education by $1.5B.
    James Mackler: Against vouchers, for accountability.
    Diane Black: Supports tax dollars for private schools.
    Karl Dean: Small city property tax increase to directed to education.
    Bill Lee: Charter schools change lives of at-risk youth.
    Karl Dean: Supports publicly financed, privately led charter schools.
    Karl Dean: Expand school choice teacher accountability.
    Karl Dean: Charters ok if non-profit, but vouchers not ok.
    Bill Haslam: Narrow score gaps for minority and female students.
    Bill Haslam: STRONG Act: tuition-free public college for veterans.
    David Kustoff: Oppose Common Core; local folks know best.
    Bill Haslam: Tennessee Promise: two years of free community college.
    Bill Haslam: $2.5M for SAILS program: math tutors for high school seniors.
    Gordon Ball: I believe in public education.
    Bill Haslam: Drive to 55: 55% get post-HS certificate or degree by 2025.
    Joe Carr: Prohibit discrimination against college religious groups.
    Bill Haslam: Drive to 55: Increase college graduation to 55% by 2025.
    Bill Haslam: Remove 90-cap limit on charter schools.
    Phil Bredesen: New reforms: student achievement to evaluate teacher.
    Phil Bredesen: $48M for state colleges for tuition, & $10M scholarships.
    Don Sundquist: Invest more in teachers and in early education.
    Don Sundquist: We test students & rate schools; now invest in reading.
    Don Sundquist: Invest in teachers: scholarships, mentors, merit pay.
Energy & Oil
    Marquita Bradshaw: First Senate candidate in TN to sign Green New Deal Pledge.
    Bill Hagerty: Fight socialist fracking bans, repeal fuel standards.
    Karl Dean: Pledged to work toward reducing greenhouse gases.
    Marsha Blackburn: Climate change isn't settled; withdraw from Paris Accord.
    Phil Bredesen: Green energy will be of vast importance and growth.
    Diane Black: Rejects Paris climate change agreement.
    Gordon Ball: Transition from dirty fossil fuels to clean renewables.
    Gordon Ball: Commercial solar & wind, and also clean coal.
    Gordon Ball: Supports construction of the Keystone pipeline.
    Phil Bredesen: Green energy growth: develop a Solar Institute.
    Bob Tuke: Dependence on foreign oil hurts security & climate.
    Bob Corker: Promote fuel cells & alternatives to reduce oil dependence.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Grew up near Superfund Site, can't afford to be sick.
    Bill Hagerty: Eliminate senseless EPA interference on farmers.
    Marquita Bradshaw: I'm an environmental justice activist at my core.
    Marsha Blackburn: Cut budget of Environmental Protection Administration.
    Phil Bredesen: Supports environmental regulation by government.
    Karl Dean: Cuts to the EPA are unthinkable.
    David Kustoff: Help farming community's low commodity prices.
    Bill Haslam: 35 million visits annually to Tennessee State Parks.
    Gordon Ball: No one has the right to pollute America's air and water.
    Gordon Ball: Class-action lawsuits against paper companies' dumped waste.
    Joe Carr: Require photographic evidence of animal abuse.
    Joe Carr: Rated 40% on voting record by Tennessee Conservation Voters.
    Bill Haslam: Haslam's Pilot company cited for 70 environmental violations.
    Phil Bredesen: Public-private foundation to preserve Cumberland Plateau.
    Phil Bredesen: $10M to partially restore cuts in land acquisition fund.
    Don Sundquist: Supports new State Forest and 23 new natural areas.
Families & Children
    Bill Lee: Extend coverage for new moms, mental health for children.
    Bill Lee: Pro-life includes improving lives of struggling families.
    Bill Lee: Marriage is between a man & a woman.
    Karl Dean: Supports gay marriage.
    Bill Lee: Historical evidence: marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Bill Haslam: Declare pornography a public health crisis.
    Bill Haslam: Response speed exceeds standard for Child Abuse Hotline.
    Bill Haslam: Support services to 100% of former foster youth.
    Bill Haslam: Abstinence-only education in K-12 schools.
    Joe Carr: Abstinence-only education in K-12 schools.
    Diane Black: Claire's Law: hearing loss screenings for every newborn.
    Phil Bredesen: Claire's Law: hearing loss screenings for every newborn.
    Tim Burchett: Claire's Law: hearing loss screenings for every newborn.
Foreign Policy
    Lamar Alexander: Russia out to destabilize western democracies.
    Bill Hagerty: Ensure our allies support us and enemies fear us.
    Bill Hagerty: US has moral obligation to protect Israel.
    James Mackler: Don't reduce funds for State Department nor reduce diplomacy.
    Diane Black: Must stand up to North Korea's missile tests.
    Bob Corker: Russia a bad actor, not moral equivalent to US.
    David Kustoff: Our allies don't respect us and our enemies don't fear us.
    Gordon Ball: Promote human rights as cornerstone of US foreign policy.
Free Trade
    Manny Sethi: Need a second Industrial Revolution to bring jobs back to US.
    Bill Hagerty: Decrease our strategic dependency on China.
    Bill Hagerty: Stand with Trump on being firm with China.
    James Mackler: Trade war with China is a disaster.
    Bill Lee: Opposes Trump's tariffs on China.
    Karl Dean: Opposes Trump's tariffs on China.
    Marsha Blackburn: Trump's tariifs are a bad deal for Tennesseans.
    Phil Bredesen: Trump's tariifs are same as a new tax on Tennesseans.
    James Mackler: Renegotiate NAFTA; it hurts American workers.
    Bob Corker: Supports free trade, but anomalies need to be addressed.
    Gordon Ball: Fair trade is vital; but don't ship jobs overseas.
    Bill Frist: Increase trade by designating Tri-Cities as port of entry.
    Lamar Alexander: Increase trade by designating Tri-Cities as port of entry.
    Bob Tuke: Moratorium on all new Free Trade agreements.
    Bob Corker: Break down trade barriers to give farmers a world market.
Government Reform
    Marquita Bradshaw: Overturn Citizens United; outlaw gerrymandering.
    Bill Hagerty: Constitutionalist judges who won't legislate from the bench.
    Bill Hagerty: Protect Constitution; support Congressional term limits.
    James Mackler: Doesn't accept corporate PAC contributions.
    Karl Dean: Nonpartisan redistricting; no voter ID.
    Bill Lee: Term limits would bring in new leaders with new ideas.
    Marsha Blackburn: Require presidential candidates to show birth certificates.
    Joe Carr: Reduce crossover voting in Tennessee primary elections.
    Bill Haslam: We reduced wait times for licenses from 38 minutes to 18.
    Bill Haslam: Increase campaign contribution limits but disallow lobbyists.
    Bill Haslam: Require photo ID in order to vote.
    Joe Carr: Increase campaign contribution limits but disallow lobbyists.
    Joe Carr: Require photo ID in order to vote.
    Lamar Alexander: The Era of the 1,000-Page Bill Is Over.
    Diane Black: Require paper ballot trail on voting machines.
    Phil Bredesen: Require paper ballot trail on voting machines.
    Tim Burchett: Require paper ballot trail on voting machines.
Gun Control
    Bill Lee: Reintroducing concealed carry legislation.
    Marquita Bradshaw: For background checks, red flag laws, CDC research on guns.
    Manny Sethi: Red-flag laws are unconstitutional.
    Bill Hagerty: The threat to gun rights is real.
    Bill Lee: Oppose any attempt to ban an entire class of weapons.
    Karl Dean: Strong background checks; ban bump stocks.
    Marsha Blackburn: Get background checks working, but no other gun regulations.
    Phil Bredesen: Close gun show loophole & ban bump stocks.
    Bill Lee: Law-abiding citizens have a right to guns; don't punish them.
    David Kustoff: Unequivocal right to keep and bear arms.
    Gordon Ball: Second Amendment protects Americans from tyranny.
    Joe Carr: 30,000 people respond to raffling off a Beretta 92A1.
    Joe Carr: Permit the possession of firearms in restaurants and bars.
    Phil Bredesen: Veto firearms permits in bars: guns and alcohol don't mix.
Health Care
    Bill Lee: Tennessee first state to get Medicaid block grant waiver.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Medicare for All is a good place to start.
    Bill Hagerty: Trump administration did a great job on COVID-19.
    Manny Sethi: Against government required vaccinations.
    Bill Hagerty: Government run health care model failed in China.
    Bill Lee: Create K-12 Mental Health Trust Fund for teachers & students.
    Bill Lee: Extend postpartum coverage under TennCare to 12 months.
    Manny Sethi: We need less government involvement in healthcare, not more.
    Bill Hagerty: Return health care to patient choice in free market.
    Bill Lee: Community/faith-based care, not big government.
    Bill Lee: Expand funding for mental health treatment.
    James Mackler: Keep rural hospitals, to serve thousands of Tennesseans.
    Bill Lee: ObamaCare will not expand in Tennessee under my watch.
    Karl Dean: Support ObamaCare; expand Medicaid.
    Marsha Blackburn: Health savings accounts instead of ObamaCare.
    Phil Bredesen: Support ObamaCare, with fixes, and some Medicare-for-All.
    Bill Lee: Out-of-box approach to healthcare: create your own system.
    Karl Dean: Expand Medicaid for low-income families.
    Larry Crim: Constituents should have a seat at the table on health care.
    Larry Crim: Constituents should have a seat at the table on health care.
    Diane Black: Patients should respect their doctors' religious beliefs.
    James Mackler: Healthcare is a right.
    Diane Black: Repeal ObamaCare;need market-based solution.
    David Kustoff: Work to dismantle convoluted and expensive ObamaCare.
    Bill Haslam: Must provide health coverage, if not Insure Tennessee.
    Gordon Ball: ObamaCare is over the top, but keep the good parts.
    Bob Tuke: National health care insurance exchange.
    Don Sundquist: We must save TennCare, for children & the needy.
Homeland Security
    Manny Sethi: Agrees with Trump that Antifa is terrorist organization.
    Bill Hagerty: Give military tools to complete their missions; repair VA.
    James Mackler: Let immigrants serve in military, as they always have.
    Bill Lee: Adjust budget to include benefits, services veterans earned.
    Marsha Blackburn: Supported military spending bills in Congress.
    Larry Crim: We honor our veterans by keeping their care a priority.
    Larry Crim: We honor our veterans by keeping their care a priority.
    James Mackler: Against privatization of VA.
    James Mackler: Allow transgender people to serve in the military.
    Scott DesJarlais: Prohibit transgender people from serving in the military.
    Larry Crim: Provides spiritual counseling to help America's Veterans.
    Gordon Ball: Ensure our troops receive the support & resources they need.
    Terry Adams: Men & women in uniform are victims of catastrophic neglect.
    Bill Haslam: ObamaCare costs TN $350M; cut but preserve rural hospitals.
    Bill Haslam: Only 1% of our country serves to keep the rest of us free.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Support DACA, pathway to citizenship for undocumented.
    Manny Sethi: End birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants.
    Manny Sethi: We're giving away our nation.
    Bill Hagerty: Opposes amnesty, DACA, and sanctuary cities.
    Manny Sethi: We need a merit-based system to admit immigrants.
    Bill Lee: Benefits for illegal immigrants is the wrong strategy.
    Karl Dean: Earned path to citizenship; they are Tennesseans.
    Marsha Blackburn: No amnesty for DREAMers; it makes illegal immigration surge.
    Phil Bredesen: Deporting DREAMers would be un-American.
    Bill Lee: Build the border wall built and forbid sanctuary cities.
    James Mackler: Don't separate kids from parents crossing border illegally.
    Bill Haslam: College tuition break for in-state undocumented immigrants.
    Karl Dean: Immigrants are part of community; college tuition break ok.
    David Kustoff: Secure the border & enforce laws already on the books.
    Gordon Ball: Fair and just path to citizenship.
    Joe Carr: AdWatch: Border crisis was created by giving amnesty to 11M.
    Bob Tuke: More border security; more enforcement.
    Bill Lee: Helped faith communities connect people with job services.
    Marsha Blackburn: Minimum wage is a federal mandate; let competition decide.
    Phil Bredesen: Minimum wage should keep pace with inflation.
    Bill Haslam: Created 80,000 jobs by making TN a good place for capital.
Principles & Values
    Bill Lee: Through times of trial we become more purposeful.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Lost election but will continue to build grassroots movement.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Lost but will continue to build grassroots movement.
    Marquita Bradshaw: One job away from middle class, one loss away from poverty.
    Manny Sethi: Work to fight for our Christian values.
    Bill Hagerty: America, greatest country, at risk from radical Left.
    Bill Hagerty: Must stand up to radical liberals and their socialist agenda.
    Bill Hagerty: Endorsed by President Trump for nomination.
    James Mackler: Change broken system with Jewish tradition "Tikkun Olam".
    Bill Lee: Faith-based & community initiatives better than government.
    Bill Lee: Religious liberty is guaranteed to us by the constitution.
    James Mackler: Wife is a rabbi at Congregation Ohabai Sholom.
    Phil Bredesen: 1960s scholarship to Harvard; millionaire businessman at 43.
    Bill Lee: We accomplished my vision at granddad's company.
    Bill Lee: Former chairman of the Tennessee Prayer Breakfast.
    Bill Lee: Faith would influence my decisions as governor.
    Karl Dean: Pro-business centrist: good things happen in the middle.
    Joe Carr: Endorsed by Tea Party Patriots on anti-amnesty grounds.
    Lamar Alexander: Declined to debate in Republican primary.
    Bill Haslam: Tennessee--America at Its Best: we are a model to the nation.
    Al Gore: Take your souls to the polls.
Social Security
    Bill Hagerty: Don't "cut" social programs, make them more efficient.
    Larry Crim: Don't touch Social Security funds.
    Gordon Ball: No scare tactics: system is solvent for next 20 years.
    Bill Haslam: TN named the best state in the country to retire in 2013.
Tax Reform
    Manny Sethi: Reduce regulation; cut taxes for long-term growth.
    Bill Lee: Halve professional privilege tax, it's arbitrary and unfair.
    Bill Hagerty: Trump's tax cuts are working; for balanced budget amendment.
    Marsha Blackburn: Support President Trump's tax cuts.
    Larry Crim: Lower tax rates; close loopholes.
    Diane Black: Flatter, simpler tax needed.
    Karl Dean: Raised city property taxes, but after Great Recession.
    Mark Green: Eliminate Hall tax: 6% on unearned interest and dividends.
    Gordon Ball: Simplify and streamline the tax code with flat tax.
    Bill Haslam: TN thinks differently: don't spend money; give back taxes.
    Bob Tuke: Repeal Bush tax cuts that favor wealthy Americans.
    Howard Phillips: Eliminate income tax, corporate tax, & estate tax.
    Bill Lee: One-time investment of $200 million in broadband expansion.
    Bill Hagerty: Work with both parties to close digital divide in Tennessee.
    Karl Dean: Increase gas tax to fund local transportation infrastructure.
    Marsha Blackburn: Opposes Net Neutrality; it's government-controlled internet.
    Phil Bredesen: Empower TVA to bring rural broadband internet access.
    Phil Bredesen: Supports Net Neutrality: equal access for everyone.
    Bill Lee: Infrastructure needs repairs, stop kicking can down the road.
    Larry Crim: Our interstates and highways need our tax dollars now.
    Larry Crim: Our interstates and highways need our tax dollars now.
    Bill Haslam: Tools to be successful: good roads and broadband access.
    Gordon Ball: We send too little on infrastructure.
    Joe Carr: Cell phone ban should be addressed by airlines, not feds.
    Lamar Alexander: No cell phone conversations on planes; email and texting ok.
    Phil Bredesen: Memphis Research Consortium: life science research center.
    Don Sundquist: Wire government plus libraries and schools.
War & Peace
    Manny Sethi: Improve VA hospitals; provide quality mental health care.
    Marsha Blackburn: Iran nuke deal puts future security in jeopardy.
    Larry Crim: Oppose President Obama's disastrous Iran Deal.
    Bob Corker: Countries must pony up for NATO; alliance is important.
    David Kustoff: Take the fight to ISIS and other terrorists.
    Gordon Ball: Time for our service members to come home from Afghanistan.
    Gordon Ball: Critical to avoid nukes in North Korea and Iran.
    Mark Green: Don't forget soldiers who made capturing Saddam possible.
    Bob Tuke: Responsible Plan to End the War.
Welfare & Poverty
    Bill Lee: Recruit business to locate in distressed, at-risk counties.

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