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Conscience of a Conservative,
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Two Paths,
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Every Other Monday,
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Courage is Contagious,
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Shortest Way Home,
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Higher Loyalty,
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The Making of Donald Trump,
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Higher Loyalty ,
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Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
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State of Hawaii Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Hawaii Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Andria Tupola (27) Hawaii Republican candidate for governor of Hawaii
  • Benjamin Cayetano (9)
  • Bob McDermott (7) Hawaii Republican candidate for governor
  • Brian Schatz (23) Democratic Jr Senator Hawaii
  • Cam Cavasso (20) Republican Challenger Hawaii
  • Charles Djou (12) Republican Governor challenger U.S. Rep Hawaii-1
  • Colleen Hanabusa (10) Hawaii Democratic candidate for Hawaii Governor
  • Cynthia Thielen (8) Republican Challenger (2006) Hawaii
  • Daniel Akaka (7) Democratic Jr Senator (Retiring) Hawaii
  • David Ige (54) Hawaii Democratic Governor
  • Duke Aiona (19) Hawaii Republican Challenger
  • Ed Case (10) Democratic challenger (2006); U.S. Rep. Hawaii
  • Eddie Pirkowski (17) Republican candidate for Hawaii U.S. Senator Hawaii
  • John Carroll (24) Hawaii Republican candidate for governor of Hawaii
  • Kai Kahele (1) Democrat U.S. Rep Hawaii-2
  • Linda Lingle (7) Hawaii Former Republican Governor (2002-2010)
  • Marissa Kerns (4) Hawaii Republican challenger for Governor
  • Mark Takai (13) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Hawaii- 1
  • Mazie Hirono (9) Democratic Challenger Hawaii
  • Neil Abercrombie (15) Hawaii Democratic Governor
  • Ron Curtis (19) Republican Senate candidate Hawaii
  • Tulsi Gabbard (1) Hawaii Democratic candidate for President; U.S. Rep from HI-2
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Andria Tupola: No public funds for abortion, except for incest and rape.
    Ron Curtis: Pro-life, but government should not decide.
    Bob McDermott: Opposed law disclosing abortion rights to women.
    Mark Takai: Faithful defender of a woman's right to choose.
    Cam Cavasso: Human life begins at conception.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Human life begins at conception.
    David Ige: Pro-choice; no parental consent; no public funding.
    John Carroll: No abortion after the baby can recognize pain.
    Mazie Hirono: Endorsed by EMILY's List for pro-choice women.
    Duke Aiona: Pro-life; respect all human life.
    Cynthia Thielen: No residency requirement for abortions; clinics ok.
    Charles Djou: Waiting periods and notification OK; partial birth not OK.
    Brian Schatz: Abortions should be legally available, and funded.
Budget & Economy
    Andria Tupola: Save government money with efficiency; cut waste.
    Andria Tupola: Focus on spending efficiency, instead of raising taxes.
    Ron Curtis: Balanced budget achievable: stop waste and reduce spending.
    David Ige: We are spending more than we take in; fix the imbalance.
    Cam Cavasso: Balance the budget; don't pass it on to children.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Free enterprise is the key to national prosperity.
    Charles Djou: Runaway federal spending threatens our economy & job growth.
    Cam Cavasso: Government spending sucks oxygen out of the economy.
    Duke Aiona: State should be smarter; current resources are sufficient.
    Benjamin Cayetano: More funding for tourism infrastructure.
Civil Rights
    Andria Tupola: Include gender identity in anti-discrimination laws.
    Ron Curtis: Americans are equally entitled to Constitutional rights.
    Andria Tupola: Give same rights to American Samoans living here.
    John Carroll: Inclusive legislation to banish racism and intolerance.
    Bob McDermott: Amendment for marriage only by opposite-sex couples.
    David Ige: Follow the lessons offered by our host culture.
    Mark Takai: Support ENDA; oppose DOMA; yes to LGBT marriage.
    Cam Cavasso: Government shouldn't redefine marriage.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Government shouldn't redefine marriage.
    David Ige: Civil unions ok; gay marriage not ok.
    John Carroll: Opposes same-sex marriage, but 14th Amendment trumps that.
    Duke Aiona: No same-sex marriage; no civil unions.
    Duke Aiona: Supports affirmative action.
    Linda Lingle: Civil unions are same-sex marriage by another name.
    Linda Lingle: Vetoed civil unions for couples who cannot marry.
    Charles Djou: Supports traditional marriage but also domestic partnerships.
    Colleen Hanabusa: Create civil unions for couples who cannot marry.
    Colleen Hanabusa: Create civil unions for couples who cannot marry.
    David Ige: Create civil unions for couples who cannot marry.
    Daniel Akaka: Opposed the Patriot Act renewal on civil liberty grounds.
    Ed Case: Supported Patriot Act to provide law enforcement tools.
    Cam Cavasso: PATRIOT Act does not go too far.
    Benjamin Cayetano: Defend native Hawaiian Homelands project.
    Charles Djou: No affirmative action.
    David Ige: Vetoed taxing of short term rental accommodations.
    Kai Kahele: Don't allow taxing of short term rental accommodations.
    Bob McDermott: Allow taxing of short term rental accommodations.
    Cynthia Thielen: Allow taxing of short term rental accommodations.
    Andria Tupola: Cut corporate taxes and unnecessary regulation.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Zero taxes would attract corporate headquarters.
    David Ige: $10 million for HI Growth initiative to support innovation.
    Mark Takai: End tax breaks for largest oil and drug companies.
    Mazie Hirono: US Chamber of Commerce does not reflect business community.
    Andria Tupola: Prioritize budget increases for police.
    Andria Tupola: Support police who risk their lives for us.
    Andria Tupola: No capital punishment; no minors prosecuted as adults.
    John Carroll: Keep evidence from stops even without reasonable suspicion.
    Brian Schatz: Stop transferring military equipment to local police forces.
    David Ige: Opposes capital punishment.
    John Carroll: Opposes capital punishment.
    Cam Cavasso: Supports capital punishment for certain crimes.
    Duke Aiona: Prosecute minors as adults, but no capital punishment.
    Duke Aiona: Better schools help Native Hawaiians stay out of prison.
    Charles Djou: More prisons; less parole; more penalties; less profiling.
    Brian Schatz: End parole for repeat violent felons.
    David Ige: Vetoed transport between islands of medical marijuana.
    Bob McDermott: Allow transport between islands of medical marijuana.
    Cynthia Thielen: Allow transport between islands of medical marijuana.
    Andria Tupola: Require welfare applicants to pass a drug test.
    Ron Curtis: Keeping drugs illegal means crime, money, and addiction.
    John Carroll: Marijuana less damaging than alcohol; legalize it.
    Andria Tupola: Voted against medical marijuana dispensaries.
    Bob McDermott: Voted against medical marijuana dispensaries.
    Cynthia Thielen: Voted against medical marijuana dispensaries.
    David Ige: Establish licensing rules for medical marijuana dispensaries.
    Brian Schatz: Hawaii not ready for legal pot; needs national conversation.
    Colleen Hanabusa: States should determine marijuana legality.
    David Ige: No marijuana decriminalization but alternative sentencing ok.
    Duke Aiona: No marijuana decriminalization but alternative sentencing ok.
    Benjamin Cayetano: Philosophy shift to treatment instead of punishment.
    Charles Djou: Prohibit the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.
    Brian Schatz: Criminalize date-rape drugs as controlled substances.
    David Ige: Maximize school land by building compatible structures.
    David Ige: Universal pre-K crucial to education reform.
    Ron Curtis: We can better serve students teaching them the "how" skills.
    Andria Tupola: Education needs to be an interconnected community issue.
    Bob McDermott: Sues state over overcrowded school.
    Mark Takai: Invest in our public schools with federal funds.
    Cam Cavasso: Oppose nationwide Common Core standards.
    David Ige: Quality public education necessary for a strong economy.
    David Ige: Implement early education through DOE, not private schools.
    Neil Abercrombie: Improving public education is one of my top priorities.
    David Ige: Improving public education is one of my top priorities.
    David Ige: Too many decisions made by state instead of locally.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Oppose nationwide Common Core standards.
    Charles Djou: Empower parental involvement in schools over bureaucracy.
    David Ige: Opposes vouchers, but supports charters.
    Linda Lingle: I support PBS, but Big Bird is not essential to America.
    Duke Aiona: Yes to charters; no to national standards.
    Benjamin Cayetano: $290M for school capital improvements.
Energy & Oil
    David Ige: 30% renewable energy by 2020; carbon negative by 2045.
    Marissa Kerns: Support no-taxpayers-government-bailout for renewable energy.
    Ron Curtis: Manage renewable electric power with smaller community farms.
    Andria Tupola: For renewable energy if affordable and environmentally safe.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Explore oil shale, solar, wind, safe nuclear, cheap hydrogen.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Sustainable green development; reduce our carbon footprint.
    David Ige: 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2045.
    Brian Schatz: Use every weapon at our disposal to fight climate change.
    Brian Schatz: Work towards passage of carbon fee legislation.
    Mark Takai: Invest in alternative energy, including wind and solar.
    Cam Cavasso: No subsidies for wind and solar.
    David Ige: Reduce fossil fuel use; increase renewable energy.
    Neil Abercrombie: Liquefied natural gas is a "bridge fuel" to renewables.
    David Ige: Tie rooftop solar into the electric grid.
    Eddie Pirkowski: No subsidies for wind and solar.
    Brian Schatz: OpEd: Schatz promotes wind turbines requiring huge subsidies.
    Brian Schatz: FactCheck: Yes, 97% of Greenland ice surface melted in 2012.
    Brian Schatz: Clean energy with Taiwan; smart grid with Korea.
    John Carroll: Humans change climate, but don' regulate greenhouse gases.
    Duke Aiona: Fund alternative energy over traditional energy.
    Daniel Akaka: Offered hydrogen and ethanol bills for energy independence.
    Ed Case: Investigate the oil companies & reinstate the CAFE standards.
    Cynthia Thielen: Voted YES to suspend the gasoline price cap.
    Andria Tupola: Protect environment by partnering with local orgs.
    David Ige: Strong guidelines for environmental protection.
    Ron Curtis: Protect environment with common sense daily routine changes.
    Andria Tupola: People must understand what environmental protections do.
    Andria Tupola: If we take care of the land it will take care of our needs.
    Andria Tupola: Tension between development & environment is about balance.
    John Carroll: Eliminate air and water pollution in every state.
    David Ige: Push Congress to spend more on Hawaii tourism.
    David Ige: Increase funding for watersheds & against invasive species.
    Brian Schatz: Received perfect score from League of Conservation Voters.
    Neil Abercrombie: Food labeling good, but not at expense of small businesses.
    David Ige: Right to know what is in our food, via federal labeling.
    David Ige: Protect Hawaii's fragile resources for future generations.
    Brian Schatz: Genetically modified foods aren't unhealthy.
    Colleen Hanabusa: Genetically modified foods aren't unhealthy.
    Charles Djou: Advocated for recycling and trash services on City Council.
    Ed Case: Diversify tourism to include educational & eco-tourism.
    Mazie Hirono: Visit the USA Bill: attract 300,000 Chinese by easier visas.
    Neil Abercrombie: New Day Work Projects: transit-oriented development.
    Duke Aiona: Make Hawai'i the greenest place on Earth.
    Benjamin Cayetano: Balance growth against environmental protection.
    Benjamin Cayetano: $22M to improve state parks.
Families & Children
    David Ige: Build 17,000 affordable homes on state-owned land.
    Andria Tupola: The burden placed on families through taxes needs examining.
    Mazie Hirono: Family separation at the border traumatizes children.
    David Ige: Government builds a home for our kupuna and our children.
    Charles Djou: Deeper appreciation of role faith plays in American families.
    Duke Aiona: Supports abstinence-only education.
Foreign Policy
    John Carroll: Capture terrorists for trial, but no assassinations.
Free Trade
    David Ige: Hawaii dominated world trade via entrepreneurial innovation.
    John Carroll: America should be a leader in international commerce.
    Mark Takai: Reject free trade deals that don't protect American jobs.
    Colleen Hanabusa: Supports 1920 Jones Act: only US ships HI to West Coast.
    Neil Abercrombie: Allow foreign ships to unload in Hawaii en route to US.
    Brian Schatz: Promote relations and tourism travel from Asia Pacific.
    John Carroll: I believe in Free Trade and a balanced budget.
Government Reform
    Andria Tupola: Ease permitting processes for developers.
    Brian Schatz: Abolish the Electoral College.
    Marissa Kerns: Every bill must be exposed to Hawaiian taxpayers.
    Andria Tupola: Video testimony to legislature; no constitutional convention.
    Ron Curtis: Take back our elections from lobbyists & special interests.
    John Carroll: I pledge to fight for bold reforms and solutions.
    Ron Curtis: Regulate campaign contributions from corporations and unions.
    John Carroll: Supports citizen's initiative process & multiparty democracy.
    Cam Cavasso: Photo ID for voting.
    David Ige: Run government with open & public two-way communication.
    Eddie Pirkowski: No photo ID for voting.
    David Ige: Support independent redistricting but also voter ID.
    David Ige: Limit campaign donations and campaign spending.
    David Ige: Require photo identification in order to vote.
    John Carroll: Don't regulate campaign contributions; they're free speech.
    Ed Case: Only 8% of my campaign money comes from PACs.
    Cam Cavasso: Remove all contribution limits on federal campaigns.
    Duke Aiona: Limit all political contributions: corporate & party.
    Brian Schatz: Partial state funding for state level political campaigns.
Gun Control
    Ron Curtis: For mandatory background checks but wants minimum age 18.
    Andria Tupola: Supporter of 2nd Amendment, it's a right not a privilege.
    Tulsi Gabbard: Advocate for sensible gun control.
    John Carroll: Hawaii has reasonable gun control laws; no federal bans.
    John Carroll: Gun control bans should be handled on state level.
    Mark Takai: No military-grade weapons in homes; ban them.
    Cam Cavasso: Opposes more gun restrictions.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Opposes more gun restrictions.
    Neil Abercrombie: Require background checks to register gun from out of state.
    Cynthia Thielen: Require background checks to register gun from out of state.
    Cynthia Thielen: Oppose background checks to register gun from out of state.
    David Ige: Require background checks to register gun from out of state.
    David Ige: Supports background checks; opposes concealed carry.
    Duke Aiona: Background checks & no concealed carry, within 2nd amendment.
    Cam Cavasso: Never diminish a citizen's right to protect themselves.
Health Care
    Andria Tupola: No Medicaid expansion with unfunded mandates.
    Ron Curtis: Affordable health care for all calls for effective planning.
    David Ige: Move management of public hospitals to private sector.
    Cam Cavasso: Repeal ObamaCare; it's not a government responsibility.
    David Ige: Supports employer-mandated health care insurance law.
    David Ige: Support unfunded liabilities for State Union Health Benefits.
    David Ige: We have failed to execute the Hawaii Health Connector.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Repeal ObamaCare; it's not a government responsibility.
    John Carroll: Don't mandate insurance, but don't repeal ObamaCare.
    Duke Aiona: No public option; no individual mandate.
    Linda Lingle: State QUEST program instead of ObamaCare.
    Daniel Akaka: Advocate for expanding and improving Medicaid and Medicare.
    Ed Case: Let small businesses pull together resources in health plans.
    Ed Case: Support drugs re-importation and bulk purchases of drugs.
    Cynthia Thielen: Voted YES on prohibiting smoking in public places.
    Benjamin Cayetano: $141M for new medical school at University of Hawaii.
Homeland Security
    Colleen Hanabusa: Shaped National Defense Authorization Act military roadmap.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Cutting edge defensive and offensive security.
    Ron Curtis: Welcomes military presence in Hawaii, vital in today's world.
    David Ige: Proactive and aggressive support of troops in Hawaii.
    Mark Takai: Tax credits for companies that hire veterans.
    Mark Takai: Cut defense responsibly, not across-the-board.
    Cam Cavasso: Maintain military: peace through strength.
    Brian Schatz: Feds stretched too far in snooping on everyday Americans.
    Brian Schatz: Reform FISA to protect our Fourth Amendment rights.
    Colleen Hanabusa: NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden should stand trial in US.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Maintain a superior nuclear arsenal.
    John Carroll: Maintain our Premier national Defense Posture.
    Linda Lingle: Don't let up on its defense spending, like pre-WWII.
    Mazie Hirono: Sensible compromise needed on $50 billion military cut.
    Cam Cavasso: High priority on strengthening our military & intelligence.
    Cam Cavasso: Do not reinstate the military draft.
    Andria Tupola: No in-state tuition for illegals; let local police enforce.
    Ron Curtis: Base immigration policy on meeting job market needs.
    Mazie Hirono: Why do we treat children of illegal immigrants as criminals?
    Eddie Pirkowski: No wall; no deportation.
    David Ige: Hawai'i welcomes refugees.
    Cam Cavasso: Protect the borders; prevent illegal entry.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Protect the borders; prevent illegal entry.
    Brian Schatz: Take full advantage of new visas available to China.
    John Carroll: Require undocumented adults to return home, but not children.
    Duke Aiona: No in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Responsible spending for jobs and stable growth.
    David Ige: Make Hawaii farms more sustainable; above 15% level now.
    Mark Takai: Equal pay for equal work for men and women.
    Neil Abercrombie: Put money back into state Employer-Union Trust Fund.
    Neil Abercrombie: 2-year agreement with Legislature to raise the minimum wage.
    Linda Lingle: OpEd:Did nothing to save jobs when Aloha Airlines went under.
    Benjamin Cayetano: Increase the minimum wage.
Local Issues
    David Ige: Good hospitals must be distributed throughout the islands.
    Neil Abercrombie: Preserve open spaces at Turtle Bay.
    Neil Abercrombie: Allow & encourage education in Hawaiian language.
    Neil Abercrombie: Allow & encourage education in Hawaiian language.
Principles & Values
    Colleen Hanabusa: Got $75M tax credit for Ko Oilna, and husband got $400,000.
    Mazie Hirono: Co-sponsored Do No Harm Act: keep church and state separate.
    Ron Curtis: Principles of campaign are liberty and limited government.
    John Carroll: Served four terms in Hawaii House; one term in state Senate.
    Cam Cavasso: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework.
    Neil Abercrombie: I made best decision appointing Schatz instead of Hanabusa.
    Eddie Pirkowski: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework.
    Colleen Hanabusa: Lost campaigns in 2003 & 2006 before winning in 2010.
    Brian Schatz: Endorsed by progressive group "Democracy for America".
    Colleen Hanabusa: OpEd: Too old to build seniority to steer pork to Hawaii.
    Linda Lingle: Work with national Republicans to get things done for Hawaii.
    Mazie Hirono: OpEd: Missed twice as many votes as average Congress member.
    Duke Aiona: My Catholic faith is part of my decision making.
    Cam Cavasso: Running because Inouye opposed Federal Marriage amendment.
Social Security
    Ron Curtis: Make Social Security sustainable long into the future.
    Mark Takai: Keep our promises; raise the payroll tax cap.
    David Ige: Double the governor's request for Kupuna Care.
    Charles Djou: Never renege on our promises & commitment to our seniors.
    John Carroll: Allow personal retirement accounts.
    Daniel Akaka: Social Security privatization is a risky investment scheme.
    Ed Case: Oppose Social Security privatization, lockbox the trust fund.
Tax Reform
    Marissa Kerns: I am opposing any new taxes for the next four years.
    Ron Curtis: Make tax cuts for individuals permanent; no expiration.
    Andria Tupola: Work on local tax policies; give more back to the people.
    David Ige: State must operate within its means instead of raising taxes.
    Neil Abercrombie: Add alcohol & soft drink tax; repeal state tax deduction.
    Duke Aiona: Shift taxes from low-income families to higher-income.
    Daniel Akaka: The Bush tax cuts helped the richest, not those in need.
    Ed Case: Bush tax cuts unaffordable; targeted middle-class cuts ok.
    Brian Schatz: No state flat tax; increase sin tax & decrease sales tax.
    David Ige: Hawai'i 2.0: we must pivot to a digital economy.
    David Ige: State was unprepared for accidental emergency alert.
    Ron Curtis: Personal background in managing evolving technologies.
    John Carroll: Take the Oahu rail project to task, and maybe to jail.
    Brian Schatz: Address transportation and coastal infrastructure priorities.
    David Ige: Broadband capacity integral to economic growth.
    Mark Takai: Rebuild transportation and communications infrastructure.
    David Ige: Pioneered "paperless Legislature" & government transparency.
    Neil Abercrombie: TMT: build $1.3B Thirty-Meter Telescope atop Mauna Kea.
    Charles Djou: Consistently opposes Honolulu rail project.
    Brian Schatz: Complete improvements at Honolulu Airport and Nimitz Highway.
    Mazie Hirono: $6 million for new security screening at Hawaii airports.
    Duke Aiona: No state funding for any stem cell research.
    Benjamin Cayetano: $21M for computers in public schools.
War & Peace
    Ron Curtis: War should be last resort but we need to always be prepared.
    Ron Curtis: Surgical strikes to prevent hostile possession of nukes.
    John Carroll: Use US air power to enforce peace, but not ground troops.
    Mark Takai: Iraq War fought partly because of dependence on foreign oil.
    John Carroll: We should have declared Afghan War; but no timetable.
    Charles Djou: Don't forget troops in Afghanistan; don't draw down too fast.
    Daniel Akaka: Call for troops withdrawal from Iraq by July 2007.
    Daniel Akaka: No need to resort to a draft; better recruitment instead.
    Ed Case: Oppose a timetable of troops withdrawal from Iraq.
    Ed Case: Do not need a draft but the military has been stretched.
    Cam Cavasso: Supports invasion of Iraq.
Welfare & Poverty
    David Ige: Affordable housing: 10,000 homes built, 3000 more by 2022.
    David Ige: Lease state land for affordable housing.
    Andria Tupola: Ohana Zones: state-sanctioned safe zones for the homeless.
    Marissa Kerns: Cut taxes & help businesses first to reduce homelessness.
    Andria Tupola: Clearinghouse for decentralized solutions on homelessness.
    Andria Tupola: Increase affordable housing by tax cuts & fewer regulations.
    Bob McDermott: Let homeless sleep in driveways.
    Neil Abercrombie: Keep sidewalks open & clear; homeless into housing for good.
    David Ige: Build affordable homes and Transit Oriented Development.
    David Ige: Increasing funds to Rental Housing Trust Fund for homeless.
    Brian Schatz: 100% score on the National Food Policy Scorecard.
    Duke Aiona: The chronic homeless choose to not follow the rules.

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