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Misty Snow: Tax gasoline to support public transportation

Gasoline-powered automobiles are a major source of air pollution in both Utah and the nation as a whole. We should be taxing gasoline to generate the funds necessary to make investments in infrastructure to support greener alternatives such as electric cars and public transportation.

This year, Utah added a $0.15 a gallon tax on gasoline. This tax that was easily absorbed by the population and will generate lots of revenue for the state; there is no reason we couldn't do a 10-15 cent a gallon tax nationwide for the purposes of funding green transportation, infrastructure, and technologies.

Source: 2016 Utah Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Mike Weinholtz: Incentives to walk, bike, or take public transportation

As governor, I will create incentives to encourage state employees to walk, bike, or take public transportation to work. When state vehicles need to be replaced, we should purchase electric vehicles. I will also work upgrade the infrastructure of state buildings, ensure that all new state buildings are LEED certified, and work with the legislature to expand incentive programs to replace inefficient home appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, and two-stroke engines with more efficient systems.

There is also much we can do to reduce vehicle emissions, a primary source of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. It needs to be easier for Utahns to take public transportation, but funds are lacking. I support and will advocate for initiatives that allow counties to raise money they need to increase UTA funding to increase the frequency of common bus routes, ensure adequate parking at TRAX stops, and offer free fares on red air days.

Source: 2016 Utah gubernatorial campaign website Jun 17, 2016

Jonathan Johnson: Elect transit officials instead of political appointments

Gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Johnson started airing radio commercials calling for changes at the Utah Transit Authority, the first in his race to unseat Gov. Gary Herbert in 2016. "No more backroom deals by career politicians. Utah can do it better," Johnson said in the 60-second spot. Members of the UTA board should be elected rather than appointed by "political insiders," he said.

The public's perception of the transit agency, widely criticized over high executive salaries and bonuses, was largely blamed for voters rejecting the Proposition 1 sales tax increase for transportation in 7 of 17 counties statewide.

What Johnson is proposing is reducing the size of the UTA board to nine members. Eight would be elected and one appointed by the governor, and all would be limited to a single six-year term.

Source: KSL-TV AdWatch on 2016 Utah gubernatorial race Nov 30, 2015

Gary Herbert: Invest in I-15 CORE & Ogden to Provo commuter rail

Lasting job creation and capital investment hinge on the free flow of commerce, another area where Utah excels. There is no better example than the I-15 CORE project, built faster than any other billion-dollar highway project in America, and $260 million under budget. UTA's commuter rail now runs from Ogden to Provo, two years ahead of schedule and 15% under budget. We are building the infrastructure that will enable Utah's future economic success.
Source: 2013 State of the State Address to Utah Legislature Jan 30, 2013

Gary Herbert: Since 2007, "e-government" has saved Utahns about $46M

As a state, we continue to strive for better management in all we do. it's called good governance. Because of the economic downturn, every family, every community, and every business was forced to do more with less. Utah government is no exception. Utah now offers more than 1,000 services online and, since 2007, "e-government" has saved Utahns about $46 million! In the year 2000, there was one state employee for every 112 Utahns. Today, that ratio is one employee for every 139 Utahns, a 24% improvement.
Source: 2013 State of the State Address to Utah Legislature Jan 30, 2013

Jon Huntsman: Fund desperately needed road expansions

It is no secret that Utah's transportation needs continue to grow. Building roads, highways, and rail has long been a priority for Utahns. I am asking Legislators to support significant increases in funding for basic, but critically important projects, and act now to fund corridor preservation efforts so that we can plan for desperately needed road expansions. My budget proposals will allow us to do this without incurring any new debt.
Source: Utah 2007 State of the State address Jan 16, 2007

Mike Leavitt: Merit pay & scholarships for high-tech teachers

We need 15,000 engineering and computer science students by 2005.Our economic future depends on it. We need to nurture math and technology skills among our students in junior high and high school, especially among young women.

We are losing from our public schools too many teachers in high demand areas of math and technology. It is time to do something unconventional.

I propose a plan of financial incentives similar to those used in private industry to keep the qualified teachers we have in these areas, and add at least 850 teachers who have masterís degrees in learning technology. I propose a one-time benefit of as much as $20,000 on top of their existing salaries in exchange for a commitment to stay in Utah schools for four years. Outstanding teachers in other disciplines willing to retool themselves in these high demand areas are also eligible. The state will pay for their masterís degree in technology or their certificate in math and give them a retention contract when they graduate.

Source: 2001 State of the State address to the Utah legislature Jan 16, 2001

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