State of Texas Archives: on Energy & Oil

Beto O`Rourke: Incentivize renewable energy

Steps we can take to promote energy and environmental reforms include enacting comprehensive energy reform that optimizes the uses of current energy sources while incentivizing the innovation of new and renewable sources of energy.
Source: 2018 Texas Senate campaign website Jan 1, 2018

Jodey Arrington: Repeal the 1970s Oil Export Ban

The American Oil Export Ban Prevents Texas Crude from Being Sold Overseas: I'll work to repeal this 1970s-era law because American energy independence means lower costs for our nation, more jobs at home, and more security for our allies against hostile regimes.
Source: 2016 Texas House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Marco Rubio: Let ethanol program expire

Ethanol will phase out, it is phasing out now. By 2022 that program expires by virtue of the existing law, and at that point it will go away. I don't agree with the mandate and the program that's in place, but I think it's unfair that these people have gone out and invested all this money into this program and we're just going to yank it away from them.
Source: 2016 CNN-Telemundo Republican debate on eve of Texas primary Feb 25, 2016

Emily Sanchez: Supports prioritizing green energy

Q: Do you support or oppose prioritizing green energy?

A: Support.

Source: E-mail interview on Texas 2014 Senate race with OnTheIssues Sep 19, 2014

Emily Sanchez: Fracking is running rampant & endangers our air & water

In Texas, "Fracking" appears to be running rampant, polluting the quality of the air we breath, endangering our water supply and destroying the South Texas landscape and its habitat.

No Texas city is safe from being turned into a dust city. I live in Del Rio, Texas and my biggest fear is in wondering how long it will take to reach this quaint city with its bountiful water springs.

We should strive to fight against this toxic enterprise.

Source: 2014 Texas Senate campaign website on Sep 18, 2014

David Dewhurst: Open the Gulf; more hydro-fracking; less "green" energy

End the Wasteful Obama Green Energy Gravy TrainDewhurst Plan: Develop America's Massive Domestic Energy Resources
Source: 2012 Senate Campaign website,, "Issues" Mar 25, 2012

Elizabeth Ames Jones: America needs America's energy

I support policies that will put America on a path to true energy security and acknowledge the reality that we will continue to need a diverse mix of resources, including hydrocarbons, to fuel our economy.

I support the responsible development of America's energy resources including opening new areas for the exploration of oil and gas. The fact is, America needs America's energy.

A sensible plan depends on the can-do attitude of the American people rather than the government-knows-best attitude

Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, Jul 17, 2011

David Alameel: Energy independence is a national security priority

Source: 2010 Texas House campaign website, Nov 1, 2010

Jon Roland: Alternative non-carbon, non-nuclear energy sources