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John Kasich: Welfare without a path to work doesn't work

On welfare reform: Thanks to the legislature, we've been able to take 16 to 24 year olds. You get welfare; you stand in line; you get your food stamps; they check a box. You go over here; they check a box. We don't like that. Our 16 to 24 year olds, when they go in we will help them. But once we help them, we want to know what the problem is. We want to know how we solve your problem. We want to get you trained. We want you to get a job. Welfare without a path to work doesn't work. We want these people to have opportunity, and we want them to go to work.

When I'm gone, you've got to expand this thing. We can't have people just going in and people checking boxes. We have to bring back caseworkers, and we've got to get at the root cause of why people are stuck.

Source: 2017 Ohio State of the State address Apr 5, 2017

P.G. Sittenfeld: Wealth inequality is worst since the Gilded Age

Today, income and wealth inequality is worse than at any time since the Gilded Age. Forty years ago, the average CEO of a Fortune 500 company earned just over 30 times more money than the company's average worker. Last year, that CEO was paid over 200 times more. 93% of all the income gains since the end of the recession have gone to the top 1%--and 100% of those gains have gone to the top 5%.

Maybe that explains why the richest 400 people in our country are now wealthier than the bottom 150 million people. And why the six heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune own more wealth than the bottom 30% of Americans put together.

In the Senate, I will fight poverty and wealth inequality with both short-term and long-term solutions. In my opinion, no American who is willing to work full-time in the richest country on earth should be forced to live in poverty.

Source: 2016 Ohio Senate race: Center of Hope Baptist Church speech Aug 9, 2015

John Kasich: People who played by the rules suffered; act decisively now

I came here to Wilmington during my campaign in 2010 and I saw the devastation that this town had suffered. It was written on the faces of the people of Wilmington, and these are people who had played by the rules. They didn't do anything wrong. They worked hard, but one day the rug was pulled from under them. People lost their savings. People lost their homes. A lot of people were losing hope in what their future was going to be.

The people at food pantries like Sugartree Ministries-- we were here with my campaign staff, and I said, "Did you see what was happening in that pantry? Did you see the pain, the anguish, on their faces?"

I told them that day, "Our mission is to help fix this community and to restore some hope. Our mission is to help get people back on their feet in places like Wilmington." Wilmington is in many ways a reflection of Ohio. We are doing better, but we must act decisively now to seize the greater opportunities that await all of us.

Source: State of the State address to 2015 Ohio Legislature Feb 24, 2015

John Kasich: Chaired committee which overhauled the welfare system

An advocate of personal responsibility, John chaired the historic congressional conference committee that overhauled the welfare system. Building on his commitment to limited government, John also championed defense reform and the elimination of wasteful government spending by effectively building coalitions with members on both sides of the aisle.
Source: 2010 House campaign website,, "Biography" Nov 2, 2010

Steven Driehaus: Fund faith-based and community-based private organizations

Source: 2000 Ohio National Political Awareness Test Nov 4, 2008

Joyce Beatty: Expand state services to include the working poor

Source: Ohio Legislative 2000 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2000

Lee Fisher: Fund state social programs for teens; pre-K; at-risk youth

Source: Ohio Gubernatorial 1998 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

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