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Jason Lewis: I support free trade, but not TPP

Because I am a supporter of free trade--and especially making sure Minnesota agricultural exports have access to overseas markets--I do not support the TPP in its current form. It appears much less a free trade agreement and much more a complicated multilateral carve out for special interests--not unlike our loophole ridden tax code. Real free trade lowers tariffs for all and and contains special favors for none. That is why the Obama Administration secretly negotiated the deal for years. For example, one foreign car company gets favored treatment in the TPP over other automakers and is permitted to import parts from countries that don't comply with the deal. There is also no real remedy in the agreement that addresses currency manipulation for trade advantage. I look forward to helping craft a better trade deal that protects American interests while expanding vital export markets for Minnesota producers.
Source: 2016 Minnesota House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Mike McFadden: Use Chinese steel over U.S. steel if the import was cheaper

While the governor's race has remained muddled, the U.S. Senate contest has followed a more conventional path. Sitting comfortably as front-runner, McFadden largely steered clear of specific issues as he sought to instead to capitalize on anti-Washington sentiment by running as a political outsider.

McFadden may have suffered a self-inflicted wound last week, when in his support for the Keystone Pipeline he said he would opt for building it with Chinese steel over U.S. steel if the import was cheaper. That prompted tirades from union activists on an issue of sensitivity to Minnesota's Iron Range; McFadden said he places a high value on being "cost competitive" on projects that use taxpayer money.

Source: Star Tribune on 2014 Minnesota Senate race Aug 10, 2014

Tim Pawlenty: 2005 trade mission led to Minnesota-China Partnership

Minnesota’s long relationship with China dates back to 1850 when our first missionaries were sent to China--eight years before the territory became the nation’s 32nd state. Today myriad connections abound, reinforced through cooperative partnership in business, education, government, and cultural and humanitarian works.

Minnesota’s commitment to China reached new heights in 2005 with the Minnesota-China Partnership, an unprecedented statewide initiative to help the people of Minnesota and China continue to build upon this valued relationship when Governor Pawlenty led more than 200 business, government, academic and civic leaders--the largest state delegation ever organized in the United States--on a mission to China. Geared primarily toward trade, the mission included several industry-focused delegations and featured events in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Source: Press release, “Minnesota-China Partnership” May 5, 2008

Norm Coleman: Blocking increased trade hurts Minnesota farmers

On the issue of opening more markets for farmers the candidates all agreed there’s great potential for alternative energy from biomass and ethanol. Coleman said he supports giving the White House more latitude in negotiating trade agreements. And Coleman said Wellstone has been a barrier to increased trade which he says has hurt Minnesota farmers. “If you take the senator’s position (that) we’ll produce for Minnesota consumption only and if you do that, rural Minnesota dies,” Coleman said.
Source: Minnesota Public Radio, Election 2002 coverage Sep 20, 2002

Mark Dayton: US policy should favor American workers and sovereignty

International trade should be conducted by all governments in their respective national interests. U.S. policy should favor American workers and wages. The WTO is constructive, if it encourages or enforces reciprocity in trade agreements; destructive, if it usurps national sovereignty over wages and working conditions.
Source: Minnesota Newspaper Association Election Questionnaire Jul 2, 2000

Mark Dayton: Against Permanent Normal Trade Relations; for human rights

I would have voted against the recent bill establishing Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China. The potential economic benefits to be gained from PNTR are tempting; however, [we should have] insured the US’ ability to use necessary means to further the principles upon which this country was founded. By passing the PNTR with China, the US passed up an opportunity to affirm its support for human rights, religious tolerance, environmental protection, and the rights of workers around the globe.
Source: Minnesota Newspaper Association Election Questionnaire Jul 2, 2000

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