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Marcia Squier: End mass incarceration

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Stricter punishment reduces crime"?

A: Oppose. I want to end mass incarceration--not increase it.

Source: OnTheIssues interview on 2018 Michigan gubernatorial race Jul 19, 2017

Gretchen Whitmer: Cleaned up County Prosecutor office after a sex scandal

Whitmer served for twelve years in the State House and Senate. Whitmer, who most recently served for six months as Ingham County Prosecutor after the former prosecutor was arrested in a sex scandal, says she cleaned up that office and has big picture plans for Michigan.

Whitmer says she holds state government mostly accountable for a lack of oversight in the Flint water crisis and says that kind of thing would not have happened on her watch.

Source: WWMT-Newschannel-3 on 2018 Michigan Gubernatorial race Jan 24, 2017

Bernie Sanders: Crime bill had good parts (VAWA) & bad parts (death penalty)

Q: Why should black people trust you this time to get it right, after you supported the 1994 Crime Bill that resulted in locking up a generation of black men?

CLINTON: Well, Senator Sanders voted for it as well; will you ask him too? Some aspects--the violence against women [VAWA] provisions--have worked well. But, other aspects of it were a mistake.

SANDERS: As we all know, there are bills in congress that have bad stuff--Good stuff and bad stuff in the same bill. Now, if I have voted against that bill, Clinton would say, "Bernie voted against the ban on assault weapons. Bernie voted against the violence against women act." Those were good provisions in the bill. Violence against women act has protected millions of women in this country, it was in that bill. The ban on assault weapons, that's what I have fought for my whole life. It was in that bill. I tried to get the death penalty aspects in that bill out. Clinton have a disagreement. I was then, and I am now opposed to the death penalty.

Source: 2016 Democratic primary debate in Flint, Michigan Mar 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Crime bill was about outrage, but parts were mistakes

Q: You call for an end to the era of mass incarceration, but a lot of folks in the black community blame the 1994 Crime Bill, a bill you supported that locked up a generation of black men. Why should black people trust you to get it right this time?

CLINTON: Sen. Sanders voted for that bill; we both supported it. And, I think it's fair to say we did because back then there was an outcry over the rising crime rate, and people from all communities were asking that action be taken. Now, my husband said at the NAACP last summer that it solved some problems, but it created other problems, and I agree. And, one of those problems was, unfortunately, a move to expand the reasons why people would be incarcerated. And, that's why the very first speech that I gave in this campaign was about criminal justice reform, and ending the era of mass incarceration because I believe absolutely that too many families were broken up, too many communities were adversely affected. So, we've got to do a bunch of things.

Source: 2016 Democratic primary debate in Flint, Michigan Mar 6, 2016

Mark Schauer: Restore funding for police & fire

Rick Snyder's drastic cuts to Michigan's communities are hurting cities and towns across the state, forcing deep cuts to basic services like police, fire protection, and infrastructure.

To improve Michigan's economy, Mark knows we need strong cities and safe communities to attract a talented workforce and high-tech business investment. That's why Mark fought for legislation to help communities hire additional police officers, and purchase new fire trucks--manufactured right here in Michigan.

As Governor, Mark will work to reverse Gov. Snyder's cuts to local revenue sharing, and improve public safety. He'll also fight for greater investment in our roads, and work to modernize our aging infrastructure.

Source: 2014 Michigan gubernatorial campaign website Dec 20, 2013

Rick Snyder: Improve legal representation for poor

A new commission will investigate how to improve legal representation provided to low-income criminal defendants in Michigan.

This is needed because the quality of legal representation provided to defendants who are unable to pay for their own legal defense varies greatly across the state. A core principle of our criminal justice system is to guarantee that an individual charged with a crime be entitled to legal representation, even if they are unable to hire private counsel.

Source: Michigan 2011 gubernatorial press release, #264039 Oct 13, 2011

Rick Snyder: Collect prisoner DNA samples to help solve cold cases

Prisoners will be required to provide DNA samples at the beginning of their sentence instead of just before being released.

Senate Bill 346 requires collection of a prisoner's DNA sample within three months of incarceration, which will help police solve cold cases sooner by giving them the ability to match samples to other unsolved crimes, identify suspects and then interrogate prisoners while they are still in custody. This will bring relief to victims of violent crimes and their families.

Source: Michigan 2011 gubernatorial press release, #259717 Jul 21, 2011

Rick Snyder: Parole decisions by Dept. of Corrections, not Governor

Responsibility for parole decisions is now out of the governor's office and back to the Department of Corrections. The move is aimed at streamlining government and allowing more efficient implementation of corrections policies by the department director.

We need to let the professionals in the corrections department determine whether it's appropriate to release prisoners. This change will remove an unneeded layer of bureaucracy and save taxpayers money.

Source: Michigan 2011 gubernatorial press release, #251086 Feb 7, 2011

Mike Bishop: Supports death penalty; opposes parole for repeat offenders

Source: 2000 Michigan National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2000

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