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On Health Care: Wife runs ThriveNYC for mental health reform

As First Lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray has redefined the role of First Lady, managing a robust portfolio to advance an ambitious agenda in support of all New Yorkers. Nationally recognized as a powerful champion for mental health reform and dubbed one of TIME Magazine's 50 Most Influential People in Health Care for 2018, Ms. McCray created ThriveNYC, the most comprehensive mental health plan of any city or state in the nation. She also spearheads the Cities Thrive Coalition, with more than 200 mayors, county officials and thought leaders from all 50 states, advocating for a more integrated and better-funded behavioral health system.

As Chair of the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City, Ms. McCray brings together government, philanthropy and the private sector to work on some of the most pressing issues of our time, including mental health, youth employment and immigration.

Source: Mayoral website Office of the Mayor May 3, 2019

On Jobs: Fight income inequality that creates Tale of Two Cities

Bill de Blasio is committed to fighting the income inequality that has created a 'Tale of Two Cities' across the five boroughs. Mayor de Blasio believes all New Yorkers deserve a chance to succeed in the greatest city on earth. That means every child gets a quality education, every community is safe, and every New Yorker has an affordable place to call home.

Since assuming office in 2014, the de Blasio administration has developed and executed transformative initiatives including Pre-K for All; Paid Sick Leave; neighborhood policing; and IDNYC.

Mayor de Blasio will also continue to be an outspoken progressive voice on issues that touch the lives of his fellow New Yorkers, including: income inequality, early childhood education, immigration reform, infrastructure, and voting rights. These issues of basic fairness for every New Yorker have animated Mayor de Blasio's life and career across three decades of activism and public service.

Source: Mayoral website Office of the Mayor May 3, 2019

On Welfare & Poverty: 1990s: Regional director in Pres. Clinton's HUD

Bill de Blasio began his career in public service in 1989 as part of David N. Dinkins' successful and historic mayoral campaign and worked in the Dinkins Administration.

Over the next decade, Mr. de Blasio served as regional director at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; as a school board member for Brooklyn School District 15; and as head of Hillary Rodham Clinton's historic campaign in 2000 for the U.S. Senate.

In 2002, Mr. de Blasio joined the New York City Council, representing Brooklyn's 39th district. During his two terms, Mr. de Blasio fought to improve public education, expand affordable housing, protect tenants' rights, and reform social services for families and children. Elected Public Advocate in 2009, he pursued fairness for tenants, taxpayers, and students.

Source: Mayoral website Office of the Mayor May 3, 2019

On Abortion: Protect the right to choose

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Civil Rights: Co-sponsored the Gender Based Discrimination Protection law

Ending Discrimination and Recognizing All Relationships: While on the City Council, Bill de Blasio co-sponsored the Gender Based Discrimination Protection law--one of the first laws in the nation to prevent discrimination against transgender New Yorkers.

He also co-sponsored the Domestic Partnership Recognition law, an important precursor to full marriage equality that required New York City to recognize same-sex marriages from other states

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Civil Rights: Increase NYC usage of minority businesses from 3% to 10%

Support Women and Minority-Owned Businesses: Minority and women-owned businesses constitute only 3 percent of New York City's government's spending. New York State manages 10 percent and has a goal of doubling that share. Bill de Blasio believes in the importance of un-locking the entrepreneurial potential of women and minority-owned business, and realizes that because of New York City's inherent diversity, purchasing from MWBE's invariably increases the amount of city dollars spent right here in the five boroughs. As mayor, Bill de Blasio will direct Small Business Services to dramatically increase the number of officially registered MWBE firms eligible for city contracts, and will empower a Deputy Mayor with the responsibility of increasing diversity in city contracts and procurement
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Corporations: Preserve physical integrity of Industrial Business Zones

Help Manufacturing Thrive in New York City: Bill de Blasio believes manufacturing can be a critical part of the city economy and will build on existing programs to preserve the physical integrity of Industrial Business Zones, stop illegal conversions of industrial areas, and support better infrastructure and workforce development planning. He will replicate the success of the Brooklyn Navy Yard in other industrial areas owned and managed by the city
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Crime: Stop-and-frisk disproportionately targets people of color

Bill de Blasio is a strong advocate for greater transparency and police accountability. He has called for an inspector general at the NYPD, and he helped lead the fight for real power for the Civilian Complaint Review Board by introducing legislation to create true budgetary independence and greater prosecutorial authority for this important oversight agency. Bill de Blasio also pushed for a federal investigation into private immigrant detention facilities and urged the revocation of the contract held with the GEO Group, after allegations surfaced of detainee abuse and mismanagement.

Some of our approaches to public safety--such as stop-and-frisk--disproportionately target people of color and create anger and distrust toward officers when we need more cooperation between cops and communities. Innocent New Yorkers should not be subject to invasive and baseless searches strictly on the ac-count of race. Bill de Blasio will sign legislation to end racial profiling

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Crime: Invest in Shot Spotter technology: audio & video on streets

Only 20 percent of shots fired are reported to the police, and nearly 40 percent of victimizations involving a firearm go unreported to law enforcement. The number of unreported gun crime diminishes accountability and limits the ability of the police to catch perpetrators of gun violence.

To address this, Bill de Blasio will invest in Shot Spotter technology--integrated audio and video gun sensors--for the 15 highest crime neighborhoods. Shot Spotter is proven to greatly expand the ability of law enforcement to respond to gun crime and has been adopted by police departments nationwide. With Shot Spotter, every shot is detected and linked to camera footage that is sent to dispatched police officers. This technology helps to deter gun violence and empowers responding officers with better information, improving safety and response to violent crime

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Drugs: 50,000 arrests for marijuana possession unjust and wrong

In New York City, nearly 50,000 people were arrested last year for marijuana possession. Low-level marijuana possession arrests have disastrous consequences for individuals and their families. These arrests limit one's ability to qualify for student financial aid and undermine one's ability to find stable housing and good jobs. What's more, recent studies demonstrate clear racial bias in arrests for low-level possession, with African-Americans arrested four times more frequently as whites--despite roughly equal usage rates.

This policy is unjust and wrong. First-time offenses for possession of small amounts of marijuana are supposed to be punishable by fine only, unless publicly displayed. However, too many young African-Americans and Hispanics--without prior convictions--are still arrested for marijuana possession after being stopped and frisked by police, who then treat it as public display. Bill de Blasio will direct the NYPD to stop these misguided prosecutions.

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Education: Stop closures & develop a minimum of 100 community schools

Bill de Blasio successfully fought unfair school closures, including the closing of P.S. 114 in Canarsie and Wadleigh in Harlem. Struggling schools require specific plans to address their needs, which is exactly what Bill de Blasio did for P.S. 114--and it's what he will do for every struggling school.

High quality schools must be the focal point for serving the needs of students and their families with a cradle to career strategy. New York City has incredible community school models, including Children's Aid Society and Harlem Children's Zone. Yet despite their proven success, these schools only serve a handful of students. Bill de Blasio will create a unified effort to develop a minimum of 100 community schools by the end of his first term. With improved communication among all city agencies--especially the Departments of Education, Homeless Services, and the Administration for Children Services-- the city can make real strides in serving families and students in their communities

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Education: Create an early warning system before school failures

Bill de Blasio believes that Mayor Bloomberg's closing of more than 140 schools has been an excuse not to address ways to help struggling schools improve and meet our expectations that all students graduate ready for college or a career. The city needs to create an early warning system for schools, so they can receive help before they get on the state's Persistently Low Achieving list. An "Office of Strategic Support," housed in the DOE, will develop intervention strategies in conjunction with the school communities and target individual high-need schools, which will receive short-term, intensive support
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Energy & Oil: No to fracking; yes to wind, solar, & geothermal

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Environment: Increase bicycling to 6% of all NYC trips by 2020

Bicycling has become a mainstream way for many New Yorkers to commute to work and travel around the city. It's inexpensive, it promotes public health, and it's a key part of helping the city respond to climate change. Right now, the city's goal is to increase bicycling to 3 percent of all trips by 2020.

Bill de Blasio will double that goal--using education, promotion and safer streets to grow bicycling to 6 percent by 2020. De Blasio will continue expanding bike lanes around the city so that bicyclists have a safe, dedicated space to ride. He will expand the public Bike Share program to outer-borough neighborhoods and increase education outreach to promote safe riding. With these tools, de Blasio will set a goal of cutting serious cycling injuries and fatalities in half--even as the number of cyclist continues to grow. By better communicating on the frontend, de Blasio will reduce friction and bolster public support for expanding cycling in the city

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Environment: SPARE pledge: Stop Polystyrene & Revitalize the Environment

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Government Reform: Battle corrupting influence of corporate money in politics

During my time in public office, I've taken on unscrupulous landlords; protected children who were victims of neglect and abuse; battled the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics; fought to repair broken policing policies; and championed working family issues like paid sick leave and living wage laws.
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Government Reform: Citizens United is a body blow to our democracy

The Citizens United decision delivered a body blow to our democracy and a fair and equitable election system. Bill de Blasio has successfully pressured companies such as JPMorgan, & Citigroup to adopt policies against spending their corporate treasury dollars in elections. In August 2010, de Blasio also founded the Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending (CAPS), the nation's first and only bipartisan coalition of elected officials dedicated to curbing corporate influence in our elections
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Gun Control: Wall Street for Change: campaign to support gun divestment

Bill de Blasio has pushed for strong gun safety laws at the state level and for the promotion of industry-wide standards in gun safety, including micro-stamping. De Blasio also led the effort to divest public pension fund holdings in companies that manufacture the most dangerous weapons and launched the "Wall Street for Change" campaign to support gun divestment of prominent hedge funds and money managers nationwide
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Health Care: Recruit & train nurses without need to go overseas

Bill de Blasio is committed to ensuring that our own trained workers are filling nursing job openings without the need to go overseas, and he will work to create comprehensive career paths in the health sector. Given the importance and demand for new employees in the health sector, de Blasio will ensure that the city recruits and trains New Yorkers for these jobs and creates opportunities for current health workers to upgrade their skills and take higher-paying jobs
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Health Care: Enroll 600,000 more New Yorkers in ObamaCare by 2018

While an estimated 500,000 additional NYC residents will gain coverage under the Affordable Care Act, nearly a million more will still lack coverage.

However, since 67% of those uninsured are projected to be eligible for but not enrolled in ACA programs, a full-scale campaign mobilizing all city agencies and supporting community-based organizations to do outreach will not only increase coverage for New Yorkers, but increase federal dollars flowing to the city that can help free up resources for other health care initiatives for the remaining uninsured. The city's health department has created a detailed outline of ways to create a comprehensive "navigator" program that will supplement state efforts to enroll the uninsured.

Bill de Blasio will commit every financial and human resource needed--which will be repaid through the new federal dollars flowing to the city-- to enroll 600,000 more New Yorkers in ACA-covered health insurance programs by 2018.

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Health Care: Train New Yorkers to fill 16,000 nursing positions

Fill the Nursing Shortage With Health Care Workers Trained Here in New York City: Health care is one of the fastest-growing parts of our economy, and the expansion of coverage in coming years will just increase the need for health care workers. While there are tremendous opportunities for those with the right skills, right now New York hospitals and health facilities need to recruit abroad to fill 16,000 nursing positions, because too few New Yorkers have the necessary skills. By investing in training programs in our high schools and at the City University of New York, Bill de Blasio will ensure New York City graduates have the skills needed to fill health care positions created in coming years and deliver care to those who need
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Immigration: Greater outreach and assistance to immigrant entrepreneurs

New York's immigrant communities are a continuing source of entrepreneurial activity and can play a key role in creating new jobs. But the city is not providing sufficient assistance to these groups. 92% of immigrant businesses reported receiving no services to start or sustain their businesses--with 51% unaware of the services available to them. De Blasio proposed a series of programs for the city to improve its support for immigrant entrepreneurs, including greater outreach and technical assistanc
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Immigration: Created privately-funded the DREAM fellowship

Creating DREAM Scholarships: Working through the New York Immigration Coalition and additional non-profit funding, Bill de Blasio created the DREAM fellowship--a scholarship and leadership development program for undocumented college students. Beyond helping dozens of students, the initiative has highlighted the need for enactment of national and state DREAM Act legislation. A second cohort of students just completed the spring semester with the aid of this program
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Immigration: Universal City ID for services for undocumented immigrants

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Jobs: Peg living wage to increases in the cost of living

When wages rise, workers spend more in their neighborhoods, and local businesses can then employ more people. Bill de Blasio is committed to using a broad range of policies to help raise wage standards so everyone is able to live and support a family in relative comfort and security.

The living wage law should be pegged to increases in the cost of living and cover any large for-profit company receiving $1 million in economic subsidies. Any businesses receiving city subsidies should provide clear plans on providing health care for all their workers. Bill de Blasio will create a "responsible contractor policy" requiring all contractors and economic subsidy recipients to disclose and explain past and pending violations of labor, employment, environmental and workplace safety violations, and bar repeat offenders from receiving public money

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Technology: Keep MTA fares affordable via payroll tax

While City Hall doesn't control the MTA, it has a duty to help protect the affordability of our transit system. As mayor, Bill de Blasio will fight to protect the critical financial support of the transit system, including the payroll tax. He will partner with New York City's congressional delegation for a national transportation agenda that fully funds public transit maintenance and expansion, instead of fueling sprawl with unnecessary and wasteful new highways far from urban center
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Technology: Create public Wi-Fi hot zones & citywide broadband

In today's economy, Internet access is not a luxury--it's an essential commodity that New Yorkers depend on to make a living. Broadband access in New York City is among the most expensive in the industrialized world, and only about half of New York households had access to the highest-speed fiber broadband services as of December 2012.

Bill de Blasio will ensure that affordable, high-speed fiber Internet reaches all New York City households within five years. The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) need to introduce new franchise agreements to wire more city infrastructure and create greater oversight and accountability in current telecommunications agreements. Bill de Blasio will work with Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and local Chambers of Commerce to create public Wi-Fi hot zones around economic development hubs across the city

Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

On Welfare & Poverty: Recognize & legalize basement apartments & granny flats

Bring Basements and Granny Flats into the Legal System: There are thousands of unsanctioned housing units across the city in basements and above garages--but the city doesn't recognize them. That deprives tenants of legal protections, and prevents landlords from making the kinds of upgrades that would ensure the health and safety of families living in them. Bill de Blasio will end the practice of pretending these homes and their families don't exist. As mayor, he will bring them into the regulated housing system, ensure they meet legal standards for safety, and work to bring them under rent-regulation, so their tenants will have the same basic protections as New Yorkers in traditional apartments
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013

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