Joe Sestak in Survey of 2006 House campaign websites

On Abortion: Supports Roe v. Wade

Regardless of my religious beliefs, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs. Wade that - as a nation - the United States should offer every woman the right to have a legal and safe abortion, if that is her choice. I support that decision.
Source: 2006 House campaign website,, �Issues� Nov 7, 2006

On Education: Invest more in our public schools, and demand more

Not fully funding the No Child Left Behind Act has meant deploying a �bare-bones� instead of high-quality testing approach, offering fewer remedial programs, and so on. We must demand more from our public schools, but must invest more in their outcome as well. I will work to ensure there is enough funding for key areas that have been shown to have a significant impact, such as: early childhood education, affordable access to college, and attracting and rewarding quality teachers.
Source: 2006 House campaign website,, �Issues� Nov 7, 2006

On Energy & Oil: Create an advanced alternative energy research project

We must do everything we can to lessen our dependence on foreign oil by adopting a plan that would: raise fuel economy standards on automobiles to at least 35-40 mpg; offer tax incentives to businesses that utilize alternative fuels rather than to big oil companies; and create an advanced energy research project to produce breakthrough technologies that can reduce oil consumption, strengthen energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.As a member of Congress, I will work to:
  1. Reduce our dependence on foreign oil
  2. Protect against unexpected price shocks by supporting legislation on gas price gouging
  3. Support the signing of the Kyoto Treaty to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  4. Set 10 percent target for renewable energy and an ultimate target of 20 percent
  5. Invest in alternative technologies such as fuel cells and bio-diesel
  6. Strengthen �tailpipe emissions� standards
  7. Prohibit drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Source: 2006 House campaign website,, �Issues� Nov 7, 2006

On Tax Reform: Bush tax oplicies shift burden to middle class & future

The Bush Administration�s tax cuts deprived us of the revenue to address urgent challenges, while mortgaging our children�s futures and shifting the tax burden from the wealthy to the middle and lower working classes. The repeal of the estate tax, the lowering of the upper tax brackets, and the reduction in dividend and capital gains taxes means that our government is taxing working families more on their incomes than billionaires on the wealth they inherit (0%) or the stock profits they turn (15%).
Source: 2006 House campaign website,, �Issues� Nov 7, 2006

On War & Peace: We�ve achieved our goals; withdraw from Iraq by end of 2007

Withdraw from Iraq by end of next year: We must use our prompt military disengagement from Iraq to force the three major parties to understand that America has achieved its ends: (1) no weapons of mass destruction threaten us; (2) we have provided a framework for democracy; (3) we have provided resources to begin to revive their economy; and (4) a torturous dictatorship has been removed.
Source: 2006 House campaign website,, �Issues� Nov 7, 2006

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