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Democratic MT Governor


ObamaCare was written by Big Pharma & insurance lobbyists

Schweitzer has no patience for Democratic third way-ism on economic issues. He criticizes ObamaCare from the left, blaming fellow Montanan Max Baucus (the chairman of the Senate committee responsible for drafting much of the law) for allowing special interests to influence the bill. "This bill, which was written by the insurance company and pharmaceutical lobbyists, doesn't challenge the expenses," Schweitzer tells me. "Why would it? If you're in the business, and you get to write the bill, what are you going to do?"

At the center of his own proposal is allowing citizens below the retirement age to enroll in Medicare, forcing private insurers to compete against the government rate. "As you probably recall, most Democrats were calling for a public option. But what came out of the Senate Finance Committee did not have a public option," Schweitzer says, blaming health insurance lobbyists and their enablers in both parties. "We now have the corporate party and the corporate-lite party."

Source: Michael Warren in The Weekly Standard magazine , Dec 23, 2013

ObamaCare should control costs more & have more flexibility

Gov. Brian Schweitzer said he will ask the U.S. government to let Montana set up its own universal health care program, taking his rhetorical fight over health care to another level. Like Republicans who object to the federal health care law, the Democratic governor also argues it doesn't do enough to control costs and says his state should have more flexibility than the law allows. But Schweitzer has completely different plans for the Medicare and Medicaid money the federal government gives the state to administer those programs.

Schweitzer would like to create a state-run system that borrows from the program used in Saskatchewan. He said the Canadian province controls cost by negotiating drug prices and limiting non-emergency procedures such as MRIs. Schweitzer said the province's demographics and economy are similar to Montana in several ways, yet its residents live longer while spending far less on health care.

Source: The Missoulian coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Sep 28, 2011

Medicare for all makes more sense than ObamaCare

Schweitzer argues that ObamaCare doesn't do enough to control costs and says his state should have more flexibility. It is not the first time Schweitzer has criticized the federal health care law, nor is it the first time he has called for some form of cheap government-run insurance.

During the health care debate two years ago, only the most liberal lawmakers were calling for some form of the doomed proposals for "Medicare for all." But Schweitzer continues to argue that a program like that makes much more sense than the one signed into law by President Barack Obama. The governor told a regional director of the Department of Health and Human Services that Congress has designed a "pack of crap" that gives away far too much to the pharmaceutical industry.

Schweitzer said Montanans with private insurance could drop that coverage if they choose and buy into the state-run plan at a cheaper rate. He envisioned a system that would cover, with copays for service, all the uninsured in Montana.

Source: The Missoulian coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Sep 28, 2011

Supports More Federal Funding for Health Coverage

Medicare is in danger of going bankrupt as the baby boomers reach Medicare age. Politicians are willing to talk about saving medicare, we need leadership that is committed to saving medicare! Brian would allow retirees without health care to buy into the Medicare system early. The same prescription drug you buy here costs half as much in Canada, and half of that in Mexico! I know how to stop gouging by drug companies. Allow importation of prescription medicines and watch how quickly drug prices fall.
Source: www.brianschweitzer.com , Sep 27, 2000

Adopt national health reform legislation before the end of the year.

Schweitzer signed a letter from 22 Governors to Congressional leaders:

In a letter to congressional leadership, 22 governors are urging federal lawmakers to adopt national health reform legislation before the end of the year to provide families and businesses with much-needed security and stability.

"We commend you and your colleagues for provisions included in your bills that will help states," the governors wrote. "Many of the provisions will allow states to achieve long term savings and help cover those who currently go without health coverage. We recognize that health reform is a shared responsibility and everyone, including state governments, needs to partner to reform our broken health care system."

"Efforts at the federal level, like the recent and critical investments that support states' HIV and prevention initiatives, are beginning the work to lower health care costs. Our citizens and our states, however, will only achieve the health care security and stability they need if we succeed in working together to achieve health care reform."

Source: Letter from CO Gov. Bill Ritter and 21 other Governors 10-GOV1 on Oct 1, 2009

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