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Books by and about 2012 presidential nominees
Do Not Ask What Good We Do
about Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Ten Letters
about Pres. Barack Obama (2011)
A Life of Trial and Redemption
about V.P. Joe Biden (2010)
No Apology
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2010)
Young Guns
by Rep. Paul Ryan et al (2010)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Promises to Keep
by Vice Pres. Joe Biden (2007)
The Audacity of Hope
by Pres. Barack Obama (2006)
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2004)
Dreams from My Father
by Pres. Barack Obama (1996)

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Our Character, Our Future, by Alan Keyes

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    Abortion issue epitomizes corruption of freedom.
Budget & Economy
    Seeing people merely as consumers is bad for moral fiber.
Civil Rights
    Gay rights aren’t like racial rights, because it’s behavior.
    Black heritage comes from survival in America, not Africa.
    External violence results from internal lawlessness.
    Black education historically focused on family & church.
    Let communities decide school rules like all-male academies.
Foreign Policy
    South Africa: Venture capital instead of foreign aid.
Health Care
    Abstinence, not condoms, for AIDS control.
    Focus on prevention and finance health care accordingly.
Principles & Values
    Truth & right vs. wrong underlies government & society.
    The crisis of our times is a crisis of character.
Tax Reform
    “Soak the rich” schemes have socialist objectives.
    Regulate “offensive violence” on TV, not all violence.
    Explore space to fulfill our sense of purpose.
War & Peace
    Support Israel on moral grounds, not economic nor strategic.
Welfare & Poverty
    Jewish support of welfare for blacks causes enmity.
    Encourage two-parent families instead of paying baby bonus.

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The above quotations are from Our Character, Our Future, by Alan Keyes.

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