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Lazio vs. Clinton: Manhattan Debate, Oct. 8, 2000

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    Hillary Clinton: Must safeguard constitutional rights, including choice.
    Hillary Clinton: Late term abortion only if life or health are at risk.
    Rick Lazio: Partial birth abortion is infanticide.
    Rick Lazio: No litmus tests for Supreme Court justices; likes O’Connor.
Budget & Economy
    Hillary Clinton: Use tax dollars to upgrade infrastructure, not for stadium.
    Rick Lazio: Bring Jets and Giants back to NY in new stadium.
Civil Rights
    Hillary Clinton: Rebuild trust between police and communities.
    Hillary Clinton: Apologize for slavery, but concentrate on civil rights now.
    Rick Lazio: Work for better future rather than reparations.
    Rick Lazio: Racial profiling is not needed to keep NYC streets safe.
    Hillary Clinton: Address drug problem with treatment and special drug courts.
    Rick Lazio: Vote helped pass crime bill, drug courts, community police.
    Hillary Clinton: Vouchers would take money from public schools.
    Rick Lazio: Immoral to force kids to stay in bad schools.
Energy & Oil
    Hillary Clinton: Supports oil reserve release & fund conservation.
    Rick Lazio: Develop alternative energy & a new energy policy.
Government Reform
    Hillary Clinton: Can we trust as a senator someone who broke an agreement?
    Rick Lazio: Public financing of elections is welfare for politicians.
Health Care
    Hillary Clinton: Health goal is affordable coverage for all.
    Rick Lazio: Give uninsured employees a deduction to pay for health care.
Principles & Values
    Hillary Clinton: Experience and choices as a woman will make me good senator.
    Hillary Clinton: Get New York a fair share of budget surplus & Medicaid.
    Hillary Clinton: New Yorkers are diverse, big dreamers.
    Rick Lazio: Contract with America votes led to surplus and opportunity.
    Rick Lazio: A majority party senator will be most effective for N.Y.
    Rick Lazio: NY is a great melting pot of bottom-line people.
    Hillary Clinton: Against charging for e-mail.
    Hillary Clinton: Details of “Bill 602P” hoax.
    Rick Lazio: Keep the government’s hands off the Internet.
    Rick Lazio: Details of “Bill 602P” hoax.
War & Peace
    Hillary Clinton: US should have vetoed biased anti-Israel UN resolution.
    Rick Lazio: No support for Palestinian state.

The above quotations are from Lazio vs. Clinton: Manhattan Debate, Oct. 8, 2000.

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