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PBS Democratic Primary Debate
at Miami Dade College

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Budget & Economy
    Bernie Sanders: Should top 1/10 of 1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90%?
    Bernie Sanders: The auto industry bill was really a bailout for Wall Street.
    Hillary Clinton: I voted for bill that saved the auto industry.
Energy & Oil
    Bernie Sanders: Need revolution to move away from coal and oil.
    Bernie Sanders: End fracking in the US.
    Hillary Clinton: We need a bridge from coal to natural gas to clean energy.
    Hillary Clinton: We need green energy jobs & to build on Paris Agreement.
Foreign Policy
    Bernie Sanders: Opposed Monroe Doctrine interventionism in Latin America.
    Bernie Sanders: Ending embargo with Cuba is right step.
    Bernie Sanders: Vulture capitalists responsible for Puerto Rican debt.
    Hillary Clinton: Talk with dissidents but Castros are dictators.
    Hillary Clinton: Give Puerto Rico authority to restructure their debt.
Government Reform
    Bernie Sanders: It's oligarchy when billionaires buy elections.
Homeland Security
    Hillary Clinton: My priorities are to deport criminals and terrorists.
    Bernie Sanders: I do not support the Minutemen anti-immigrant vigilantes.
    Bernie Sanders: Base policy on uniting families, not dividing families.
    Bernie Sanders: 2007 immigration bill was a bad bill, opposed by many.
    Bernie Sanders: Support Obama's reforms on DAPA and DACA.
    Bernie Sanders: I support children entering for asylum from war-torn areas.
    Hillary Clinton: Preventing Muslims from immigrating is un-American.
    Hillary Clinton: I won't be the Deporter-in-Chief; stop the raids & roundups.
    Hillary Clinton: I sponsored the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship.
    Bernie Sanders: I investigated undocumented farm workers in FL.
    Bernie Sanders: Minority youth more underemployed than others.
    Hillary Clinton: Help Latinos with more jobs and higher incomes.
Principles & Values
    Hillary Clinton: I will find common ground; but I will stand my ground.

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The above quotations are from PBS Democratic Primary Debate
at Miami Dade College. Error processing SSI file

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