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2008 Nebraska Senate Debate between Mike Johanns & Scott Kleeb

Republican Mike Johanns, Democrat Scott Kleeb and Green Party candidate Steve Larrick debate at State Fair Park.
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Budget & Economy
   Mike Johanns: I’m the only candidate who’s actually dealt with the budget.
   Scott Kleeb: Bush & Johanns created current failed policies.
   Mike Johanns: Growing the economy will balance the budget over time.
   Scott Kleeb: Return to pay-as-you-go spending.
Energy & Oil
   Steven Larrick: Only candidate to oppose drilling in ANWR.
   Mike Johanns: New corn genetics brings 40% yield increase & more ethanol.
   Mike Johanns: Opposes Warner-Lieberman Climate Security Act.
   Scott Kleeb: Always a supporter of ethanol; along with solar & wind.
   Scott Kleeb: Supports Warner-Lieberman Climate Security Act.
   Steven Larrick: We need a renewable energy policy.
   Steven Larrick: Green energy is the future of Nebraska.
Government Reform
   Scott Kleeb: Johanns wastefully spent $20M studying crawdads in Australia.
Health Care
   Mike Johanns: Didn’t phase out adult mental health care services.
   Mike Johanns: Giving all taxpayers federal coverage would cost $480B.
   Scott Kleeb: Shouldn’t phase out adult mental health care services.
   Scott Kleeb: Give all taxpayers access to federal coverage like Congress.
   Mike Johanns: Alternative community hospitals got 9000 more people treated.
   Scott Kleeb: Alternative community treatment not adequately funded.
Homeland Security
   Mike Johanns: Negotiating with rogue nations squanders American prestige.
   Scott Kleeb: We have forgotten how to use diplomacy.
   Scott Kleeb: Johanns left Secretary of Agriculture job & let down farmers.
Principles & Values
   Mike Johanns: Focus on small towns.
   Scott Kleeb: Always keep Nebraska’s interest first.
Tax Reform
   Mike Johanns: No tax increase for research on celluosic ethanol.
   Scott Kleeb: Supports $1B in tax funds for research on celluosic ethanol.
War & Peace
   Steven Larrick: Invasion of Iraq was based on false premises.

The above quotations are from 2008 Nebraska Senate Debate between Mike Johanns & Scott Kleeb.

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