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Excerpts from Books by and about 2008 candidates
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Why Courage Matters
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Dreams From My Father
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Promises to Keep
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New Energy for Alaska
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The Meaning of IS
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Character Makes A Difference
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Our Character, Our Future
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Freedom Under Siege
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Georgia 2008 Democratic Senate Primary Debate

Budget & Economy
   Josh Lanier: Congress is out of control on spending.
   Vernon Jones: Lead the way to protect home ownership.
   Vernon Jones: Record of balancing budgets and not raising taxes.
   Jim Martin: Work with Delta Air but also respond to middle class needs.
   Rand Knight: Invest in our communities, not in corporate subsidies.
   Rand Knight: Raise teacher salaries; build more schools.
Energy & Oil
   Dale Cardwell: End our dependence on foreign oil with wind & solar.
   Dale Cardwell: Invest billions to help clean energy entrepreneurs.
   Jim Martin: Supports cap and trade system to reduce carbon emissions.
   Rand Knight: Tackle energy dependence to reduce terrorist support.
   Josh Lanier: Help cities with mass transit and farmers in small towns too.
   Vernon Jones: Capture methane gas from landfills for electricity.
Health Care
   Jim Martin: All children must have access to health care.
   Jim Martin: Part of team that created the PeachCare Act.
   Vernon Jones: Part of team that created the PeachCare Act.
Homeland Security
   Vernon Jones: Find the terrorists no matter where they are.
Social Security
   Vernon Jones: Fight hard as the Dickens for our seniors.
Tax Reform
   Josh Lanier: Opposes $1 trillion tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.
War & Peace
   Rand Knight: Get out of Iraq within 12-18 months.

The above quotations are from Georgia 2008 Democratic Senate Primary Debate.

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