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Democratic primary debate on Univision, in Spanish, in Miami Florida, Sept. 9 2007

   Barack Obama: Nationwide program to reconstruct crumbling school buildings.
   Bill Richardson: Pay off college loans in exchange for national service.
   Dennis Kucinich: Free education from pre-kindergarten to college.
Foreign Policy
   Barack Obama: Invest in our relationship with Mexico.
   Bill Richardson: Alliance with Latin America on microlending & human needs.
   Chris Dodd: We spend $500B in Iraq; add some to $1.6B in Latin America.
   Chris Dodd: Expand the Peace Corps.
   Chris Dodd: Weve neglected Latin America; need to re-engage.
   Chris Dodd: Cuba embargo hasnt worked for 50 years; unravel the embargo.
   Hillary Clinton: Cuba deserves peaceful transition to freedom & democracy.
   John Edwards: Our Latin America policy is either disengaged or bullying.
   Mike Gravel: Recognize Cuba; open up to Chavez in Venezuela.
Free Trade
   Dennis Kucinich: NAFTA accelerated immigration from Mexico, in search of jobs.
   Dennis Kucinich: FactCheck: NAFTA coincided with (not caused) peso collapse.
   Mike Gravel: CAFTA & NAFTA cause unemployment in Mexico & Central America.
Health Care
   Barack Obama: Morally wrong that terminally ill must consider money.
   Barack Obama: FactCheck: Correct that insurance lobbying cost $1B.
   Bill Richardson: New healthcare system in one year, with no new bureaucracies.
   Chris Dodd: Include undocumented workers in healthcare plan.
   Dennis Kucinich: Fake debate if we talk about maintaining present system.
   Dennis Kucinich: FactCheck:Insurance industry profit is under $97B, not $600B.
   Hillary Clinton: No parent should be told no for healthcare for their kids.
   John Edwards: Comprehensive coverage costs $90B to $120B a year.
   John Edwards: FactCheck: Plan costs $106B-$146B per year, not $90B-$120B.
   Mike Gravel: Applies lessons from his healthcare-related bankruptcy.
Homeland Security
   Mike Gravel: Terrorism is not a war; treat it as a criminal act.
   Barack Obama: Immigration system is broken for legal immigrants.
   Barack Obama: Reform must include more border security, and border wall.
   Bill Richardson: Border wall is horrendous example of misguided policy.
   Bill Richardson: Federal raids are ineffective; we dehumanize immigrants.
   Chris Dodd: Teach more Spanish, but not as a second national language.
   Chris Dodd: Mexico is a neighbor and ally, but supported border wall.
   Dennis Kucinich: Promote Spanish as a second national language.
   Dennis Kucinich: Build relationships between nations, not walls.
   Hillary Clinton: More border patrolling on both Mexican AND Canadian borders.
   Hillary Clinton: Immigration reform needs family unification as one goal.
   Hillary Clinton: Anti-immigrant bill would have criminalized Jesus Christ.
   John Edwards: More technology at the border, but address underlying causes.
   John Edwards: Undocumented workers deserve same rights as American workers.
   Mike Gravel: Immigration issue is national scapegoating.
   Mike Gravel: Embarrassed at building a wall on southern border.
   Mike Gravel: Suspend immigrant raids that separate families.
   Mike Gravel: Im first-generation American; were all immigrants.
War & Peace
   Chris Dodd: Having troops in Iraq makes US less safe.
   Dennis Kucinich: Iraq plan: Reconstruction, rehabilitation, & reconciliation.
Welfare & Poverty
   Barack Obama: Stop Fraud Act: full disclosure in subprime lending.
   Hillary Clinton: Time-out for mortgage companies on march toward foreclosure.

The above quotations are from Democratic primary debate on Univision, in Spanish, in Miami Florida, Sept. 9 2007.

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