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2010 Senate debates

AK: Miller(R)
AR: Lincoln(D)
AZ: McCain(R)
CA: Boxer(D)
CO: Bennet(D)
CT: Blumenthal(D)
DE: O`Donnell(R)
FL: Crist(I)
IA: Grassley(R)
IL: Kirk(R)
IN: Ellsworth(D)
KY: Paul(R)
LA: Vitter(R)
MO: Carnahan(D)
NC: Burr(R)
ND: Hoeven(R)
NH: Hodes(D)
NV: Reid(D)
NY: Gillibrand(D)
OH: Portman(R)
OR: Wyden(D)
PA: Sestak(D)
UT: Lee(R)
WA: Murray(D)
WI: Feingold(D)
WV: Manchin(D)

Democratic primary debate on "Special Edition: This Week", hosted by George Stephanopoulos, August 19, 2007

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Budget & Economy
    Barack Obama: Regulate financial instruments to protect home mortgages.
    Bill Richardson: Mortgage industry needs more liquidity & more transparency.
    Chris Dodd: Mortgage market has seized up; provide more market liquidity.
    Dennis Kucinich: Bailing out mortgage lenders just postpones crisis.
    Hillary Clinton: Help people facing foreclosure; donít just bail-out banks.
    Joe Biden: More transparency for hedge funds and private equity funds.
    John Edwards: Need home rescue fund for those worried about losing homes.
    Chris Dodd: We need Justice Department to deal with antitrust issues.
    Barack Obama: We left the money behind for No Child Left Behind.
    Barack Obama: Pay ďmaster teachersĒ extra, but with buy-in from teachers.
    Bill Richardson: Minimum wage for our teachers: $40,000 per year.
    Bill Richardson: One-point plan on No Child Left Behind: Scrap it.
    Chris Dodd: Incentive pay for tougher schools, but not performance pay.
    Dennis Kucinich: Fund universal pre-K with 15% cut in Pentagon budget.
    Hillary Clinton: Incentive pay for school wide performance.
    Hillary Clinton: Universal pre-kindergarten; and make family the best school.
    Joe Biden: There needs to be performance-based pay for teachers.
    Mike Gravel: Supports merit pay for teachers; make education top priority.
Foreign Policy
    Barack Obama: No ďstrategic ambiguityĒ on foreign policy issues.
    Chris Dodd: No time to get new Pres. ready; need experience in advance.
    Hillary Clinton: Should not telegraph our adversaries about preconditions.
    Joe Biden: Pakistan is potentially most dangerous country in the world.
Free Trade
    Barack Obama: Congress subsidizes megafarms & hurts family farmers.
    Hillary Clinton: Export from big agribusiness, but also from small farmers.
    John Edwards: Trade agreements now focus on profits for big multinationals.
Government Reform
    Barack Obama: Prayer canít prevent disasters; good policy can handle them.
    Chris Dodd: Itís not who funds you, but how you vote that matters.
    Hillary Clinton: Move to public election financing, not banning lobbyists.
    John Edwards: Letís all pledge not another dime from Washington lobbyists.
    Mike Gravel: Asks candidates to pledge to use existing public finance law.
Health Care
    Dennis Kucinich: Challenge system of premiums, co-pays and deductibles.
Homeland Security
    Bill Richardson: No first use of nukes; but keep options on table.
    Chris Dodd: Should have filibustered vote to abandon habeas corpus.
    John Edwards: No hypothetical nuke talk in Pakistan; eliminate all nukes.
    Mike Gravel: We are STILL expanding our nuclear capability.
    Bill Richardson: Focus our farm policy on renewable fuels.
Principles & Values
    Barack Obama: Most decisive moment: transition from high school to college.
    Bill Richardson: With me, you get both change AND experience.
    Bill Richardson: My sense of social justice comes from being a Roman Catholic.
    Bill Richardson: Decisive political moment: wife agreeing to marry him.
    Chris Dodd: Decisive moments: joining Peace Corps; & loss of father.
    Dennis Kucinich: Decisive moment: living as child out of family car.
    Hillary Clinton: Rove is obsessed with me because I take them on & beat them.
    Hillary Clinton: I believe in prayer; Iím dependent on my faith.
    Hillary Clinton: Owes opportunity for presidency to generations of women.
    Joe Biden: Prayer gives you strength, but doesnít prevent crises.
    Joe Biden: Most decisive moment: engaging in civil rights movement.
    John Edwards: We canít negotiate change; must take from those in power.
    John Edwards: Prays daily; but prayer doesnít prevent bad things.
    John Edwards: Decisive moment: father self-educating by watching public TV.
    Mike Gravel: I believe in the power of love over the power of prayer.
    Mike Gravel: Decisive moment: realizing representative govít is broken.
    Chris Dodd: Extend broadband access to our rural communities.
War & Peace
    Barack Obama: Deal with al Qaeda on Pakistan border, but not with nukes.
    Bill Richardson: Tri-partite entity within Iraq; reconcile three groups.
    Bill Richardson: Move out troops, through Turkey & Kuwait, in 6-8 months.
    Hillary Clinton: Rule out nukes against Iran.
    Hillary Clinton: Push Pentagon to start planning for Iraq withdrawal.
    Joe Biden: Leaving Iraq will cause generation-long regional war.
    John Edwards: GOP candidates are Bush on steroids; Dems would all end war.
    Mike Gravel: Bush cooking books on Iran; resolve against invading Iran.
    Mike Gravel: Blaming Iraqis for war problems is American imperialism.
Welfare & Poverty
    Dennis Kucinich: Separate state from church, not from spiritual values.

The above quotations are from Democratic primary debate on "Special Edition: This Week", hosted by George Stephanopoulos, August 19, 2007 .

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