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2007 GOP primary debate, at Ronald Reagan library in Simi Valley California, hosted by MSNBC and, May 3, 2007

   Duncan Hunter: Good day for America when Roe v. Wade is repealed.
   Duncan Hunter: Adult stem cell research instead of embryonic stem cells.
   Jim Gilmore: Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided; good day when repealed.
   Jim Gilmore: Right to abortion in the first 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.
   Jim Gilmore: Embryonic stem cell research experiments with people.
   John McCain: Supports repealing Roe v. Wade.
   John McCain: Supports federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.
   Mike Huckabee: Certainly good day for America when Roe v. Wade is repealed.
   Mike Huckabee: Embryonic stem cell research creates life to end a life.
   Mitt Romney: Absolute good day for America when Roe v. Wade is repealed.
   Mitt Romney: Personally pro-life, but government should not intrude.
   Mitt Romney: Was effectively pro-choice until cloning changed his opinion.
   Mitt Romney: Altered nuclear transfer instead of embryonic stem cells.
   Ron Paul: Embryonic stem cell programs not constitionally authorized.
   Rudy Giuliani: Ok to repeal Roe v. Wade, but ok to view it as precedent too.
   Rudy Giuliani: Allow states to fund or not fund abortion.
   Rudy Giuliani: Encourage adoptions; ban partial-birth abortion.
   Rudy Giuliani: Embryonic stem cell research ok if limited properly.
   Rudy Giuliani: FactCheck: Encouraged adoptions; but over-stated results.
   Sam Brownback: Glorious day for human liberty when Roe v. Wade is repealed.
   Sam Brownback: Could support a pro-choice nominee, as part of coalition.
   Sam Brownback: Adult stem cell healing instead of embryonic stem cells.
   Sam Brownback: FactCheck: Adult stem cell canít replace embryonic stem cell.
   Tom Tancredo: Greatest day in history when Roe v. Wade is repealed.
   Tom Tancredo: Embryonic stem cell research is morally reprehensible.
   Tommy Thompson: Good day for America when Roe v. Wade is repealed.
   Tommy Thompson: Right to abortion should be left to states.
   Tommy Thompson: Pluripotent adult stem cells instead of embryonic stem cells.
Budget & Economy
   John McCain: Congress spends money like a drunken sailor.
   John McCain: Veto all pork-barrel bills and announce pork spenders.
Civil Rights
   Tommy Thompson: Ok for private business to fire employees for being gay.
   Tommy Thompson: Bringing people together abrogates racism.
   Tommy Thompson: Apologizes for okíing firing employees for being gay.
   John McCain: Believes in evolution, but sees the hand of God in nature.
   Mike Huckabee: Does not believe in evolution.
   Sam Brownback: Does not believe in evolution.
   Tom Tancredo: Does not believe in evolution.
Energy & Oil
   Duncan Hunter: Take taxes down to zero for the alternative energy sources.
   Mike Huckabee: Follow Boy Scout rule: leave earth better than we found it.
Foreign Policy
   Ron Paul: Non-intervention is traditional American & Republican policy.
Free Trade
   Duncan Hunter: Eliminate all manufacturing taxes to increase US hiring.
Government Reform
   Mike Huckabee: Honor the Tenth Amendment & strengthen the states.
   Mitt Romney: McCain-Feingold law prevents free speech in campaigns.
Health Care
   Mitt Romney: MA health plan insures all without taxes or socialization.
   Mitt Romney: FactCheck: MA plan not yet in place so analysis premature.
   Tom Tancredo: Ridiculous to clone people for donating organs.
Homeland Security
   Duncan Hunter: Rebuild national defense for emerging threats.
   John McCain: Clean up waste in defense acquisition.
   Ron Paul: Military aggressiveness weakens our national defense.
   Ron Paul: Be cautious about warrantless searches & habeas corpus.
   Duncan Hunter: Keep rule barring immigrants from running for president.
   Duncan Hunter: I built the 854-mile border fence and it cut down crime.
   Duncan Hunter: FactCheck: 854-mile fence shifted crime more than cutting it.
   Jim Gilmore: Keep rule barring immigrants from running for president.
   John McCain: Change rule barring immigrants from running for president.
   John McCain: Comprehensive reform requires temporary worker program.
   Mike Huckabee: Change rule barring immigrants from running for president.
   Mitt Romney: Keep rule barring immigrants from running for president.
   Ron Paul: Keep rule barring immigrants from running for president.
   Rudy Giuliani: Change rule barring immigrants from running for president.
   Tom Tancredo: Keep law that bars immigrants from running for president.
   Tom Tancredo: Letting immigrants stay is amnesty.
   Tommy Thompson: Keep rule barring immigrants from running for president.
Principles & Values
   Mike Huckabee: Our culture of life separates us from Islamic fascists.
   Mike Huckabee: My faith does affect my decision process; it explains me.
   Mitt Romney: Doesnít dislike anything about America.
   Mitt Romney: Roman Catholic bishops can do whatever the heck they want.
   Mitt Romney: Every person of any faith has deeply-held values.
   Rudy Giuliani: Optimism returns us to ďmorning in AmericaĒ.
   Sam Brownback: Invite faith into the public square and celebrate it.
Tax Reform
   Jim Gilmore: Alternative minimum tax drives people into higher brackets.
   John McCain: New tax cuts account for contingencies and over-spending.
   John McCain: Alternative minimum tax is eating Americans alive.
   Mike Huckabee: Flatter, fairer, finite, family friendly overhaul: Fair Tax.
   Mitt Romney: End taxes on interests, dividends & capital gains.
   Ron Paul: Immediately work to phase out the IRS.
   Ron Paul: Get rid of the inflation tax with sound money.
   Rudy Giuliani: Adjust the alternative minimum tax & get rid of death tax.
   Sam Brownback: Alternative flat tax to replace entire tax code system.
   Tom Tancredo: Support the fair tax & repeal of the 16th Amendment.
   Tommy Thompson: Replace alternative minimum tax with flat tax.
   John McCain: Special interest influence corruptly took HDTV frequencies.
   John McCain: FactCheck: Special interests only delayed HDTV transfer.
   Ron Paul: Trusts the Internet a lot more than the mainstream media.
War & Peace
   Duncan Hunter: Stand up the Iraqi military then rotate US units out.
   Duncan Hunter: Iranís behavior gives license to US to take necessary action.
   Jim Gilmore: Fight war on terror like Cold War: on moral high ground.
   John McCain: War has been mismanaged, but we are now on the right track.
   John McCain: Iran is sponsor of terrorism; US strike if they get nukes.
   John McCain: Follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell.
   Mike Huckabee: We needed 300,000 troops to win Iraq; must finish the job.
   Mike Huckabee: Donít judge Iraq war while weíre in the middle of the war.
   Mitt Romney: Donít decide policy by polls; donít leave Iraq precipitously.
   Mitt Romney: Osama bin Laden will die for the outrage he has exacted.
   Ron Paul: Voted against war because Iraq was not a national threat.
   Rudy Giuliani: Only thing worse than invading Iran is Iran having nukes.
   Sam Brownback: Iran is the lead sponsor of terrorism around the world.
   Sam Brownback: Contain, confront, and convey those that wonít engage.
   Sam Brownback: Push politically for 3-state, 1-country solution in Iraq.
   Tom Tancredo: Ok to attack Iran if they develop nukes & threaten Israel.
   Tommy Thompson: Elect 18 Iraqi provincial governments, & share oil revenues.
Welfare & Poverty
   Rudy Giuliani: Moving people off welfare reduces crime.

The above quotations are from 2007 GOP primary debate, at Ronald Reagan library in Simi Valley California, hosted by MSNBC and, May 3, 2007.

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