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2010 Senate debates

AK: Miller(R)
AR: Lincoln(D)
AZ: McCain(R)
CA: Boxer(D)
CO: Bennet(D)
CT: Blumenthal(D)
DE: O`Donnell(R)
FL: Crist(I)
IA: Grassley(R)
IL: Kirk(R)
IN: Ellsworth(D)
KY: Paul(R)
LA: Vitter(R)
MO: Carnahan(D)
NC: Burr(R)
ND: Hoeven(R)
NH: Hodes(D)
NV: Reid(D)
NY: Gillibrand(D)
OH: Portman(R)
OR: Wyden(D)
PA: Sestak(D)
UT: Lee(R)
WA: Murray(D)
WI: Feingold(D)
WV: Manchin(D)

2007 Republican primary debate, sponsored by the Des Moines Register; Dec. 12, 2007; final debate before Iowa caucus

   Mitt Romney: Was pro-choice, now proudly pro-life.
   Rudy Giuliani: Personally oppose abortion, but let the woman decide.
Budget & Economy
   Duncan Hunter: Budget deficit & trade deficit to China create security risk.
   Fred Thompson: $9 trillion debt affects our national security.
   Fred Thompson: Deficit spending ok for military, infrastructure, and R&D.
   John McCain: Loss of economic strength leads to losing military strength.
   Mike Huckabee: Do things differently so people need not sacrifice.
   Mitt Romney: Economic strength comes from people, not from Washington.
   Mitt Romney: Cut deficit via waste, like 342 different economic programs.
   Ron Paul: Give up American empire; that reduces debt without sacrifice.
   Ron Paul: We spend too much, tax too much, & print too much money.
   Rudy Giuliani: Retire 42% of federal employees in next decade, to save $20B.
   Rudy Giuliani: Restrain Congressí spending; donít ask people to sacrifice.
   Rudy Giuliani: 10% across-the-board cut; people can get services other ways.
   Tom Tancredo: End womb-to-tomb protections; stick to Constitutional limits.
   Rudy Giuliani: Reduce corporate tax from 35% to 25%, to increase revenue.
   Rudy Giuliani: FactCheck: Corporate tax cut would reduce revenue by half.
   Alan Keyes: We allowed the judges to drive God out of our schools.
   Duncan Hunter: Unions and status quo run good teachers out of teaching.
   Fred Thompson: The NEA opposes school choice; we must stop them.
   John McCain: We need more choice and competition in education.
   Mike Huckabee: Education is a state issue, not a federal issue.
   Mike Huckabee: FactCheck: AR improved test scores, but still below-average.
   Mitt Romney: Education is not just the teachersí union.
   Mitt Romney: Bush was right on No Child Left Behind.
   Mitt Romney: FactCheck: US scores at 50% internationally, not 10%-25%.
   Mitt Romney: FactCheck: MA 1st in test scores, but was 1st before Romney.
   Ron Paul: Encourage homeschooling & private school via tax writeoff.
   Rudy Giuliani: Let parents be the deciders on their childrenís education.
   Tom Tancredo: We donít need the Department of Education.
Energy & Oil
   Duncan Hunter: Give incentives in R&D to find new energy sources.
   John McCain: Climate change is real and must be addressed.
   John McCain: FactCheck: Oil independence will take 25 years, not 5 years.
   Mike Huckabee: Biofuel mandates are not necessary.
   Mitt Romney: Invest in new technologies to get us off of foreign oil.
   Tom Tancredo: Give incentives in R&D to find new energy sources.
Families & Children
   Mitt Romney: FactCheck: Teenage birth rate declined from 1991 to 2005.
Foreign Policy
   Ron Paul: Focus on the Iraq war and foreign policy.
Free Trade
   Duncan Hunter: NAFTA is a bad business deal.
   Fred Thompson: Free and fair trade is the backbone of our economy.
   John McCain: Consider subsidies a mistake, and oppose them.
   Mike Huckabee: A free country must feed, fuel, & fight for itself.
   Mitt Romney: Re-negotiate trade deals with China and other countries.
   Ron Paul: Look at the monetary system and deal with the trade issues.
   Rudy Giuliani: NAFTA has been a good thing and should be enforced.
   Tom Tancredo: Oil trade imbalance is a national security risk.
   Tom Tancredo: NAFTA has been a disaster for many places, especially Mexico.
Government Reform
   Alan Keyes: Focus on moral sovereignty, tax reform, & sealing the border.
   Duncan Hunter: Focus on the military, immigration, & the industrial base.
   Fred Thompson: Focus on the budget, social policy, and bipartisanship.
   John McCain: Focus on homeland safety, restoring trust, and fiscal policy.
   Mike Huckabee: Focus on uniting the country.
   Mitt Romney: Focus on global Jihad, immigration, tax cut, and healthcare.
   Rudy Giuliani: Focus on terrorism, immigration, tax cut, & small government.
   Tom Tancredo: Focus on immigration and a war against radical Islam.
Homeland Security
   Fred Thompson: Intelligence and parts of our military were neglected.
   Mike Huckabee: Excessive taxes, red tape, and litigation cause job losses.
Principles & Values
   Alan Keyes: Be authentic about who you are.
   John McCain: Able to work with others with own set of principles.
   Mike Huckabee: Treat others as you wish to be treated.
   Mitt Romney: Draw upon the strengths of the conservative principles.
   Ron Paul: All political actionís goal should be to preserve liberty.
   Ron Paul: The term ďrevolutionĒ was coined by the supporters.
Social Security
   Fred Thompson: Reform entitlements now so our grandkids donít have to.
Tax Reform
   Alan Keyes: FairTax turns off spigot that funds political ambitions.
   Duncan Hunter: The IRS and current tax system cost too much.
   Duncan Hunter: FactCheck: Cost of IRS compliance is $150B,not $250B.
   Fred Thompson: Preserve the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003.
   John McCain: Reform the tax code that nobody trusts and believes in.
   Mike Huckabee: Support FairTax with a tax credit for the poor.
   Mitt Romney: Reduce the tax burden on middle-income families.
   Ron Paul: The most sinister of all taxes is the inflation tax.
   Rudy Giuliani: Support a flatter and simpler tax and less corporate tax.
   Tom Tancredo: Believe in a fair tax system.
War & Peace
   Tom Tancredo: Stop policing Iraq, but cannot leave.

The above quotations are from 2007 Republican primary debate, sponsored by the Des Moines Register; Dec. 12, 2007; final debate before Iowa caucus.

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