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2006 Connecticut Democratic Senate Primary debate, July 2006

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  • Joseph Lieberman (14)
  • Ned Lamont (17)
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Energy & Oil
    Joseph Lieberman: Cheney energy bill was imperfect but good for CT.
    Ned Lamont: Cheney energy bill keeps us dependent on foreign oil.
Foreign Policy
    Joseph Lieberman: North Korean missiles were provocative, but donít over-react.
    Ned Lamont: Biggest threat to US is rogue nation with nukes.
Free Trade
    Joseph Lieberman: Connecticut jobs rely on exports.
    Ned Lamont: Lieberman never saw a trade agreement he didnít like.
    Ned Lamont: Negotiate strong labor & enviro into trade agreements.
Government Reform
    Joseph Lieberman: Public has right to know candidateís personal income taxes.
    Joseph Lieberman: Earmarks are great for Connecticut.
    Ned Lamont: Earmarks should be outlawed as lobbyist over-influence.
Health Care
    Ned Lamont: Why hasnít Lieberman ever signed onto universal healthcare?
Homeland Security
    Joseph Lieberman: Last thing we want is to release dangerous Gitmo detainees.
    Ned Lamont: Gitmo, wiretaps, & Haditha have weakened our moral authority.
    Joseph Lieberman: Now itís too easy to come in across our border.
    Joseph Lieberman: Earn citizenship only after 11 years of waiting within rules.
    Ned Lamont: Focus on employers hiring, not on building fences.
    Ned Lamont: Give illegal immigrants a path to earned citizenship.
    Joseph Lieberman: My seniority helps me deliver contracts and jobs to CT.
    Ned Lamont: Invest in infrastructure to create local jobs.
Principles & Values
    Joseph Lieberman: Iím not George Bush, but Lamont is running against him.
    Joseph Lieberman: Would run Independent due to Lamontís single-issue candidacy.
    Ned Lamont: I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.
    Ned Lamont: If Lieberman wonít take on George Bush, I will.
    Ned Lamont: My support is grassroots -- stand up and be clear.
    Ned Lamont: Democrats should present constructive alternatives to Bush.
Social Security
    Joseph Lieberman: I looked at privatization but decided against it.
    Ned Lamont: No common ground with Bush on privatization.
War & Peace
    Joseph Lieberman: Overthrowing Saddam was right, and we canít abandon Iraq now.
    Joseph Lieberman: Getting out too soon will be a disaster for Iraq and for us.
    Ned Lamont: Lieberman is only person confused about my position on Iraq.
    Ned Lamont: 6 months to withdraw from front lines; 12 months out of Iraq.

The above quotations are from 2006 Connecticut Democratic Senate Primary debate, July 2006.

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